Friday, June 14, 2019

Summertime means adventure

Summertime means baseball in our family - and sometimes train rides to watch the Seattle Mariners:
And trying to get that perfect family pic:

Sometimes we get bored and pass around the camera. I like this one a lot :)
Goofy Dad!
Summertime means outdoor adventures - like hiking with my adventure buddy:
And camera-timer fails:

MUCH better. I love this pic:
This was a favorite hike for me and Dad. It ends at Multnomah Falls:

Summertime is for biking:

OK :)
So many good pics. I could never choose a favorite, but this one is close:
This one, too. I sit on this rock and think of my dad every time I hike King's Mountain.
The top:

Gotta eat after!
Summertime is for beach trips:

I feel kinda bad for sharing these ones... but he's not here to complain so I'll do it anyway :)

Dad was a good sport when he was having a good day. I'm choosing to remember the great days we had together. Heading into summer break next week, I'm sure feeling this hole in my life and in my heart. Miss you, Daddy.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

Kristin ran a marathon!

OK - I know this happened more than a year ago. But the photos got lost on my phone (it's been a LONG year!), and I'm still SOOOO proud of my cousin!!!

Mom, Eryn, and I drove south last year to surprise Kristin while she ran the Eugene Marathon 2018 - her first!

We zipped around town and saw her a couple times on the course:
And the big finish on the track:
Then we got to celebrate with the marathoner!
Love this shot!

Kristin's support crew:
Congratulations (a year late!) on becoming a marathoner!!!! You're amazing :)

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Annual CE2 Tree Planting

Late pictures...

My CE2 kiddos celebrated Arbor Day (Arbor MONTH here in Tigard!) by planting trees at Dirksen Nature Park.
Volunteering is part of our CE2 program. We do some group projects throughout the year, and students also do volunteer work on their own. We've partnered for years with the City of Tigard for this annual event. 

These trees line the south side of the playground and will grow to shade the play area. I saw them a few months later and they looked great! Check them out :)

Monday, June 3, 2019

Must covers

In the TV news biz, the decision makers sit down at least twice a day to choose what stories will be covered and to assign reporters accordingly. Each person at the table is expected to pitch ideas and contribute to the day's choices.

In addition to story ideas suggested around the table, there are "must covers" - things that will get a place in the day's newscasts regardless. Obvious must covers include the Trail Blazers during their NBA playoff run, a court appearance for a suspect in a widely known crime, or the follow up to a missing-person story.

I remember each spring, one of our daily must covers was the choosing of the Rose Festival Court. 

Some must covers are incredibly compelling, and others are more obligatory. Either way, they are important to the day's lineup.

I had a realization this weekend about must covers in my own life. 

I've been in a true state of exhaustion for the past 16 months. Besides dealing with my own grief and feelings surrounding my dad's death, I've been helping to manage the moving, prepping, selling, and renting of my mom and sister's homes. It involves shared Google Sheets, assignments, check ins, and many, many hours of labor.

Add to that a heavy workload at work (graduation is THIS WEEK!), union duties (currently negotiating contract), helping friends in crisis, and other important life "stuff", and my calendar is packed.

So my realization? I've been kicking butt at taking care of the musts. The other stuff? Not so much.

I'm nothing if not organized and disciplined. Those are my big personality strengths. So when I have a calendar full of appointments and obligations, I'm going to get them done. Period.
But in those rare moments of unscheduled time? I got nothing. There's no energy left for the non-musts.

My sister's and mother's gardens are perfectly weeded and looking amazing! Mine? Haven't even touched them this year. Why? They have a deadline and I don't. Truly, the only time I have thoroughly cleaned my house in the past 16 months was when company was coming over. Without that deadline? Nope.

Exercise is very important to me physically and mentally. And one of the things getting me through is my scheduled kickboxing classes each week. They're on the calendar, so they will happen. I've also signed up for several races to make sure I "have" to do my runs.

Extras just aren't happening. Like this blog. It's not a must, so even though I want to write, it's fallen away.

I don't for a minute think I'm unique in this feeling of triaging each day (or moment). But this was a big moment of understanding for myself for where I am right now.

I knew I had some extra, unscheduled time this past weekend. I asked Brad to help prompt me to get out and work in my yard. I knew I would enjoy it, but I also knew I might not be able to get out on my own. He did prompt me, and I had a wonderful time digging in the dirt and bringing some beauty to my own garden.

This week's calendar is about as packed as it can be. Fortunately, my summer break coming, and Mom and Eryn's housing situations are slowly wrapping up. I'm seeing some light at the end of the tunnel, and it's glorious. 

Saturday, June 1, 2019

Happy June!


Nos. 25 - 29

May brought three audio books and two paper books, bringing my yearly total to 29 so far.

No. 25: If They Come for Us by Fatimah Asghar:
I'm not usually a fan of poetry, but these offered wonderful glimpses into another culture.

No. 26: Leah on the Offbeat by Becky Albertalli:
I'm loving these LGBTQ+ teen books! We need more works like this so help combat heteronormative prejudice.

No. 27: Desert Heat by JA Jance:
No. 28: My Life, My Love, My Legacy by Coretta Scott King:

This was so good! Of course, I know about MLK Jr., but this autobiography by his wife gave so much insight into MLK Jr.'s life. AND - she was an AMAZING woman on her own account! She did major social justice work her entire life. What a wonderful life!

No. 29: Failure to Appear by JA Jance: