Friday, May 27, 2016

Adventure Thursday: DOUBLE winner!

Adventure Thursday was the monthly Discovery Run at Road Runner Sports. Dad, Brad and I ran around Tualatin, collecting raffle tickets, hoping for prizes.

This month's route was really short. There's usually a couple spots to the east near Brown's Ferry and a couple spots way to the north by Bridgeport Village. This time Brad and I ran extra just to hit the 3-mile mark! (Usually we get at least 4 miles)

Running done, tickets ready, waiting for the raffle:
I won a three-pack of Drymax socks!! WOOHOO!

AND THEN... I won a pair of Adidas shoes! Worth $160!!!!! 
That's the third pair of shoes Brad and I have won at these things :) 
Dad quote of the night: "This SUCKS!" after his 0-fer streak continued :)
Someday, Dad's number will come up! At least he still gets the free root beer float and workout :)

Thursday, May 26, 2016

CE2 grads... so far

I've been lax in my graduation announcements this year! We've had nine CE2 graduates so far - with more coming in the next few weeks. Because our students do independent study, they graduate as they complete their credit requirements. So we have graduation celebrations throughout the year!

I'd like to introduce you to our grads so far...

Stay tuned for more very soon!!! :)

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Girls on the Run 5K (5/21/16)

Saturday was the culmination of weeks and weeks of work for about 600 local girls. They spent the spring doing Girls on the Run, an amazing self-esteem program for third through fifth graders.

A portion of the program involves running (or walking or skipping!). And then each girl is paired with an adult running buddy who comes along for the Practice 5K and then the final 5K. 

My Cooper Mountain Elementary School team's Practice 5K was May 5 in the neighborhood around the school. Then the final "race" was May 21 on the University of Portland campus.

The 5K started in waves, with Cooper Mountain in the very last group. What especially touched me was watching our girls spend their extra time cheering their hearts out for teams who started before us:
Miriam had a plan to run 3-minute intervals with 1-minute walks in between. (In the practice run we did 1-minute run intervals!) When it was finally our turn to run, we walked to the start, got in line and then took off down the sidewalk. The course was a triple loop. We were asked to stay on the sidewalks, which proved very difficult, especially since we started in the back of the pack.

I have a great respect for this program! But a couple things could have been better at the 5K. If the race had been done on the streets, these girls could have really shown their stuff. Miriam was itching to go, but it was just so very crowded. Also, there was a water station we were supposed to hit three times as we ran around UP. They were almost out of water when we arrived the first time and totally out after that. I felt bad for Miriam and others who didn't have water! I'm just glad it wasn't a hot day.

Other than that, it was great! Families lined the course to cheer and snap photos. The atmosphere was amazing with everyone cheering for everyone. And Miriam did so well! Her mental game was strong, and her running was great, too! As the finish line came into view, Miriam took off, sprinting to the end! I had to really work to catch her :)

Finisher medals for everyone:
The Cooper Mountain team and coaches:
Everyone had a wonderful time and felt so accomplished! What a great experience :)

Monday, May 23, 2016

No. 20

I am zipping through the Sue Henry books Dad loaned me!

No. 20 was Deadfall:
While the last one I read focused on the trooper, this one went back to the musher as the main character. I like that better!

The mystery was on practically from page 1 and kept me guessing as Jessie hid from her stalker! I thought this was a great book :)

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Adventure Thursday: Tualatin walk

Dad and I walked to Tualatin for Adventure Thursday:
The day's forecast called for showers, but none had materialized by the time Dad left home to meet me for my lunch break. He was about halfway to THS (on foot) when the skies opened up and the rain arrived. Dad arrived in my classroom a bit damp :)

I wrapped up some very important duties (we graduated FOUR CE2 students Thursday!), and we left for the park. We bundled up in rain gear, but it didn't rain again while we were out.

We walked across the bridge to Tualatin (you can barely see the river in the upper, right corner ^^^) and then returned to the school so I could finish my work day and Dad could get back to his chores at home.

This next week is the monthly Discovery Run, so I guess our adventure is already picked for us :)

Friday, May 20, 2016

No. 19

Book No. 19 was Termination Dust by Sue Henry:
Dad really likes this author and loaned me several titles. This was about a Colorado canoeist exploring Alaska. He stumbles into some trouble and ends up wrapped up in some murders. 

I enjoy Henry's writing style, and this mystery was a good one. And I really like reading about Alaska - where I get to visit next month!! :)

Thursday, May 19, 2016

REI Trail Run Series: Silver Falls 10K (5/15/16)

REI held a trail run series this year. The first was last month at Champoeg State Park, and the second (and last) was this weekend at Silver Falls State Park. Is it a series if there are only two??

We couldn't make the first, but since our calendar was open on May 14, and registration was only $15, we couldn't resist!

Dad came, too!
While last Friday neared 90 degrees, Saturday was cool and drizzly - so much better! In fact, it was just about perfect for me.

It was supposed to be a 5K loop, so us 10Kers just did it twice.

I knew I was in trouble when I realized we were going down, down, DOWN. That meant we'd have to go back up at some point. After going behind (!) Lower South Falls, we started chugging up some stone stairs. And they just kept going! A woman in front of me said she counted: 150.

After the never-ending stairs, the trail leveled off along the creek. It was gorgeous!

Then we came to South Falls, ran across a little bridge, and headed up a very steep dirt trail. At the top, it was a short distance to the start/finish line. Then I did it all over again!

The stairs  - Round Two:
Of course, Brad finished first. Not far behind was Dad finishing his 5K. Then me... in just under an hour.
BUT... the course was no where near a 10K. I had it a mile short - and Brad had it over a mile short. Dad's 5K was about a half-mile short. What the heck?! Good thing it was just for fun :)

We stuck around for all the food we could eat, goodie bags and a raffle (no winners in this group).
We had a good time! It was a very casual, fun race on new-to-us trails. A perfect way to spend a Saturday morning :)