Thursday, September 20, 2018

Garlic Fest 10K (8/11/18)

With Brad out on a climbing adventure on the last weekend of my summer break, I decided I needed to run a race! Mom and Eryn joined me for the Garlic Fest 10K in North Plains.

Racers ready!

The loop course has a lovely hill in the middle:
I slowed for the ups and tried to fly on the downs. By the end, I was less flying and more trying to hang on ;)

Free race pics are the best! I looked better than I felt :)
All done!
I finished in 57:33, a 9:16 average. My Garmin measured the course at 6.28 miles, bringing my  average down to 9:10. I took 6/26 in my age group, 37/161 for females, and 90/250 overall.

Eryn on the course:
Here comes Eryn, around the corner from the finish:
After she passed, I ran ahead to get her at the finish line:
Mom on the course:
And here she comes!
Always run the finish:
Mom walked much of the course and found a fellow educator to chat with and pass the time:
After, we walked over a couple blocks to see the tiny parade:
Small-town parades are hilarious :)
Then we went to the festival area for some refueling. We all tried the "world famous garlic mashed potatoes":
We were so excited, but they were horrible! They were just instant potatoes with some garlic sprinkled on top. I didn't even finish mine. :( 

Then we shared a very mediocre elephant ear. The race was definitely better than the festival food. Next year, we'll stick to the running.


Tuesday, September 18, 2018

5 on the 4th (7/4/18)

Holiday races are my favorite, especially this fun one in Wilsonville by ORRC. I wasn't feeling at all patriotic this year, skipping fireworks to attend a protest/vigil at Portland's ICE facility. But I had this amazing outfit, so I had to wear it for the 5 on the 4th:

I ran strong with Brad by my side and took second place in my division!

My twin approaching the finish:

I don't have pics of Mom's finish because I jumped in and ran with her :)

All done!
2nd Place!
The sweaty crew:
My time was 27:09, an 8:40 average. That earned me 55/143 overall, 17/74 female, and 2/15 in my division.

If you're looking for a fun 4th of July race, check out this one! We've done it several times now, and it's great :)

Monday, September 17, 2018

Capital FC Half Marathon (6/3/18)

In June, I ran the Capital FC Half Marathon in east Salem.

I didn't know anything about the race, but the price was good and proceeds went to a good cause - youth futbol. I needed something to train for, and I wanted to do something around my birthday. Mom and Eryn went with me - Eryn spectating and Mom running the 5K.

The course had a really big hill, and the temp was hot that day. Also, the day before was a rough one for me emotionally, and I was drained. I went out too fast and faded fast when I hit the hill. It was bigger than I expected and really kicked my butt!
Part way up the hill, I went full #SportsBraSquad and ripped off my tank top! It felt so much better!

I saw Eryn in the hilly area, and that was a good boost. Then I walked a chunk of the middle - even calling Brad to complain :) He gave me a pep talk, and I finished it out.

Mom finished, and she and Eryn met me a few miles from the end. I look better than I felt:
Finally, I ran across the field and crossed the finish line, happy to be done. Finishing on grass is hard!
The medal is stained glass! It looks so neat in person!
A lady was doing yoga behind us :)
The crew:
This jerk said something rude to me on the big hill. I don't remember what, exactly, but it pissed me off. Usually, fellow runners are very supportive of each other. He clearly thought he was very important. Yuck.
Anyway... jerky guy and bad day aside, I'm still glad I tackled this course and this small race. It was well marked, well organized, and well supported. I would recommend it for sure :)

My slowness on the hill and my walking in the middle earned me a 2:15:39 - a 10:21 average. That was 71/105 overall,  9/12 in my division, and 34/61 among females. I usually finish in the top third, so this was definitely not my day.


Friday, September 14, 2018

Willamette Mission Trail Challenge (4/28/18)

April's race was the Willamatte Mission Trail Challenge near Keizer. Mom, Brad, Eryn, and Lindsey joined me for the off-road adventure:
I remember having really tired legs for this one and struggling to maintain speed. BUT... even a tough race day is a good day :) Brad and I ran the 10K together.

Mom took 1st in her division for the 5K!!!! 

Dad did the same thing last year :)
I sure wish that goofy guy was with me again.

I finished the course in 1:00:13 - a 9:43 average. That earned me 2/5 in my age place and 45/71 overall.

This is a good race at a fair price. I've done it three years, now, and would do it again :)

Thursday, September 13, 2018

Shamrock Run (3/18/18)

Just a few weeks after Dad's death, the pre-registered Shamrock Run rolled around. We weren't really trained up for it, as we'd truly been in survival mode, but we hit the pavement anyway.

Gotta wear my tutu!
Flashback to Dad's tutu - he was the best :)
I ran the 15K - my fifth time and second time on the new course.

It's a lot of uphill at the beginning but then LOTS of downhill to the finish.

My official time is 1:27:22 - a 9:22 average. That earned me 59/292 in my age group, 452/1894 in females, and 1356/3520 overall.

My Garmin had me at 1:27:23 - a 9:21 average. But my PR from 2017 was a 9:20 average, so I JUST missed. 

Brad ran the half:
All done!
This is always a fun race - we'll be back for No. 6 next year :)