Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Willamette Mission Trail Challenge (4/30/16)

After doing some trail running together this winter, Lindsey and I signed up to run a spring trail race: the Willamette Mission Trail Challenge.

The small race as hosted by Run Wild Adventures and cost just $20 for the 5K and $25 for the 10K - my kinda race!
Lindsey arrived nice and early Saturday for our trek south to Willamette Mission State Park near Brooks. We settled on shoes and hydration and hit the road. 

Chatting away the miles, we missed the exit and had to circle back. But we'd left plenty of time, and we ended up with a nice tour of Keizer.

There were tons of cars parked in the field, but most were for a Boy Scout camporee. It's always funny to see grown men in their Boy Scout uniforms :)

Our before photo... I remember Lindsey saying the sun was really bright. I guess it was!!
The course was a figure eight of sorts with the 5K staying on the lower loop. We ran the first part together, then she turned left to finish the 5K and I headed out alone for the second loop.
The race was flat and muddy! Instead of puddle after puddle like I've seen in other trail races, this was that really thick, goopy mud that sucks off your shoes! I usually love just stomping right through the puddles, but that thick stuff requires a slow down.
When I wasn't on mud, using all my stabilizing muscles to stay on my feet, I was on narrow single track. It was tricky, but I was thankful to be traveling in a mostly straight line. My pace really shows the difference:

Mile 1: 12:36
Mile 2: 11:08
Mile 3: 10:02
Mile 4: 9:27 (single track out of the mud)
Mile 5: 9:50

Mile 6: 10:49
Mile 6.19: 8:15  

Lindsey did awesome! I loved running with her and then seeing her cheering me on at the finish :)

(She said that beer wasn't very good)
We waited for the raffle...
And I won a water bottle! 
But I have a million water bottles, so I gave it to my racing buddy :)

I finished in 1:05:37 - a 10:35 minute-per-mile average. I was 61 out of 92 overall and 7 of 11 in my age/sex group.

The route was beautiful - through the trees and along the river! I would definitely recommend this small, inexpensive, no-frills race.

PS - This is my second Run Wild Adventures race. Part of the no-frills is not having water on the course. Just be prepared :)

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Adventure Thursday: Discovery Run!

Last week's Adventure Thursday was an easy choice: Discovery Run!
It was the first scavenger hunt run of the season.

We ran and walked all over Tualatin, collecting tickets along the way. Surprisingly, none of us won a prize this time! We didn't have as many tickets because we never received the map in our e-mail. We had to just sorta wing it :)

Already registered for the next run on May 26! Join us :)

Monday, May 2, 2016

Goofy Gizmo

Our Goofy Gizmo turned 2 last week. While she's not as zippy as when we got her as a 6-month-old kitten, she's still crazy!

Check out her vertical jump as she REPEATEDLY tries to catch the crane fly bouncing along the other side of the window:
She'll do this forever - jumping and throwing herself at the window!

And I'm not sure what's happening here:

Friday, April 29, 2016

National Walk at Lunch Day

Did you get out and walk at lunch Wednesday? I couldn't resist!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

Kickboxing is a family affair

You know how I'm always trying to make everyone do stuff with me? (My friends and family are rolling their eyes right now because I harass them constantly!) :)

Earlier this year, my cousin, Jessie, started kickboxing with me at Fierce Fitness. She loved it so much that she started bringing friends - and her sister while home on spring break:
 My mom has also joined the gym, adding a once-a-week kickboxing class to her routine:
Yesterday, Aunt Kari called Mom to see what she was doing. Mom's reply: "Heading to kickboxing." Kari's response: "Crap" - or something along that line, possibly more colorful ;)

Apparently, Jessie had convinced Kari to attend class if Mom was there. HA!

And she survived!!!!
So seven of us at last night's class were either friends or relatives... don't you think I should get a finder's fee or something?!?! ;)

I love kickboxing, and it just fills my heart to see people I care about finding joy and fulfillment at Fierce, too!

No. 17

No. 17 was Julie and Julia by Julie Powell from the freebie pile at work:
It's the memoir that became the movie with Amy Adams and Meryl Streep. Powell decides to cook every recipe in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking.

I really liked it! Powell has an interesting writing style, and I enjoyed her honest voice. But I made the mistake of Googling her before I finished the book. I found out some things that sorta soured me toward her. But still, the book was a good read. Also made me realize that I could never eat French food - too much nasty animal products!


Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Adventure Thursday is back!

Adventure Thursday is back (along with Adventure Friday!)

Dad and I fell off the wagon in the fall. I've missed our adventures and have been trying to get things going again.

He walked over last week for a lunchtime walk in Cook Park. Then he returned Friday for a bonus round:  
Here's to many adventures ahead! :)