Wednesday, July 23, 2014

No horses

Saw this sign on our weekend trip to Mount Hood. Made me laugh :)

Monday, July 21, 2014

Timothy Lake 2014

What was once an annual event fell by the wayside in recent years. But this year, we revived the Timothy Lake camping trip!

Brad and I have been organizing the trip since college, with the last one in 2010. It was so nice to have the gang (at least part of it) together again for some fun times in the great outdoors.
Most of us arrived Thursday, set up camp and started relaxing. Friday, Eryn and I gathered the energy to step away from the campfire and hike from Gone Creek Campground to the dam and back - about 5.5 miles.
Such a beautiful view of Mount Hood:
The campground is now run by PGE, a nice improvement over Thousand Trails. New signs, maps, parking areas. Friendly staff.
 Tim and Laura brought a crawfish trap - a big hit with the kiddos:
Tim invited us to join him on a hike around the lake - 13 miles.
A good time was had by all :)
It was a very nice, relaxing weekend with friends. Can't wait for next year :)

Sunday, July 20, 2014

Summer streakin' - Week 4

** Monday - 9.35-mile walk/run with Mom:
And a 1-hour kickboxing class with Lindsey and Brittany:

** Tuesday - 41 minutes on the recumbent bike (PS - so glad we recently upgraded to this new bike. Love it!):

** Wednesday - 60-minute shakeout on the bike. Then another 1-hour kickboxing class with Brad and Brittany:

** Thursday - 10-mile bike ride, mostly cruising but one BIG, lung-busting hill toward the end:

** Friday - 5.5-mile hike around camp:

** Saturday - 13-mile hike around Timothy Lake:

** Sunday - 60 minutes on the bike. Tablet's battery was dead - had to read magazines. I miss my Netflix:

We're getting a three-wheeler

Have you heard of the Elio? It's a new car (coming fall 2015) that has three wheels and lots of personality.

We been planning to get one after Brad's car kicks the bucket, as long as the actually start manufacturing them and all the parts work like they say they will. They get crazy-good gas mileage, and we hope to use it as Brad's commuter and also for errands around town. The best part? They plan to sell them for $6,800!

They've been touring the country with the prototype, and last weekend was Portland's turn to see the cutie in person.
We went to Washington Square, stood in line, chatted with other excited future buyers, and got to sit inside.

It has one seat in the front and a second behind that can fold down for extra storage.
We both tried each position and found both comfortable. There was plenty of room for us. But we also saw a couple VERY big dudes climbing inside without trouble. It's surprisingly roomy.
But it was odd to be "driving" with walls so close on both sides. I'm sure we'll get used to it.

The back was a bit claustrophobic to me, but Brad didn't mind. I'll make him sit back there ;) My one concern is that you CANNOT get out of the back with a driver in place. (At least the way the prototype is built - perhaps the final product will be a little different) That concerns me a bit in case of a crash where the driver was incapacitated. In fact, my heart rate is up just a tad thinking about it.

We loved it. Assuming the mechanics of it all comes through, we hope to be a proud Elio owner someday. We just need to decide which color to get :)

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Weekly Wednesday: TURKEY!

My family of school employees tries to do something fun once a week during the summer. But first, Mom and Dad went to Europe for a couple weeks. Then Brad and I were camping at the Redwoods. So this was our first official Weekly Wednesday of 2014.

Actually, Mom, Dad and Eryn went golfing last week in my absence. Fine with me - I can't stand golf ;)

Since it was HOT, we picked indoor, air-conditioned bowling for our outing. But first, lunch in at the Hawthorne Cartopia.
Then a round at Grand Central Bowling:
In typical Dad fashion, he face planted on his first throw and then complained about sticky shoes the whole time. Oh, Dad...
I totally sucked the first few frames - and then I suddenly became a bowler... and got a strike.

Followed by a second strike.

And then a third! TURKEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I've never, in my whole life, done that... And then I WON!
HAHAHA - from last place to first place, baby!

We celebrated with a chocolate caramel tort at nearby Pacific Pie Co.
Yeah, it was good ;)

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Nos. 28 +29

A week of camping meant lots of fireside reading.

I polished off Nos. 28 and 29 before our trip even ended! I'll never pack just two books again :)

These are both from the pile that Eryn is weeding from the THS library: The Cornbread Killer, by Lou Jane Temple, and Blue Blood, by Pamela Thomas-Graham.
The Cornbread Killer was a culinary mystery in the same series as No. 27. It was good but not great.

Blue Blood is part of the Ivy League Mystery series. The main character is a Harvard professor - though this was set at Yale. It was a typical murder mystery, but it kept me guessing.

Summer reading continues... :)

Tuesday, July 15, 2014


Lindsey and I got our sweat on yesterday for a kickboxing class with my young friend, Brittany.
Brittany just graduated from THS and works at Fierce Fitness Kickboxing, her family's gym in Southwest Portland:
To raise money for her summer trip to Italy, Brittany taught after-school classes to staff at THS. I worked out with this tough cookie for seven weeks and loved it. Now that she's back in the good old U S of A, I decided to give the real thing a try - at her gym with bags and gloves and everything! (At THS we just air punched)

See how tough we are?!?
I was intimidated to go to the gym by myself, so luckily Lindsey is always ready for an adventure and agreed to go with me. After an intense hour, we goofed off while Brittany took our pictures.
 Love Lindsey in this one:
Why didn't I take a picture of Brittany?? DUH! Next time.

So we both loved it, and I plan to sign up and make it a regular part of my workouts. Because the class started at 5 p.m., Brad couldn't make it. BUT... I learned that Brittany often also does a 7-8 class on Tuesday/Thursday! I told Brad and he got really scared - because now he has to go, too!

She's also covering Wednesday's 7 p.m. class this week - we we'll be there together :)