Friday, July 21, 2017

TF '16

Flashback to fall:

Eryn and I filled carts at Winco and New Seasons for Turkey Feast 2016!
Our annual feast was a small affair but still full of friends, food and festivity :)
I almost canceled, as this was the week of the election and I truly didn't feel like a party. But we decided to make it a Trump-free zone and go ahead with the feasting.

The menu included ham (easier than turkey) and lots of gluten-free options.
TF wouldn't be complete without more pie than we can eat :)

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Summer Streakin' 2017: Part 2

7/3 - trailing running at Tryon:
7/4 - 5 on the 4th - plus we rode our bikes to the race :)
7/5 - hike Tryon with Lindsey and kickboxing in the evening:
7/6 - morning run:
7/7 - hike Larch Mountain with Brittany and Tina: #fierce
7/8 - treadmill walk with The Office:
7/9 - no real workout - but moving my grandparents.

7/10 - Tryon trail run - 7 miles!
7/11 - more moving the grandparents

7/12 - morning run with Ben and evening Super Kickboxing:
7/13 - more moving

7/14 - Hug Point hike and Cape Lookout Hike (to south beach):
 7/15 - Cape Lookout hike:
7/16 - birthday lunch, church meeting, death in the family... too much going on. no time for a workout.

7/17 - Tryon trail run - 4 miles:
7/18 - noon kickboxing and a bike ride to the park:
7/19 - Super Kickboxing:

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


My birthday is the week of graduation - the busiest week of my year! 

This year, it was also Global Running Day! So Brad and I started off with a neighborhood run. 
Despite the busyness, I sure felt spoiled this year. Throughout the day, the gifts, balloons, cards, flowers, goodies and well wishes just kept coming!
My second THS birthday treat. The first one came a month early :)
My favorite card came from Pam. She knows me so well ;)
In the evening, Brad and I went to Super Kickboxing, and Candice and Brittany gave me a special birthday workout. It was perfect and awesome - I loved it!!!!!
Then because of graduation responsibilities and other scheduling stuff, we put off family dinner until the next week. First, I ran to pick up a Redbox. I've been eyeing a really hilly fall half marathon, so I decided to run up and over Canterbury Hill to grab a DVD. It was a great reminder why I don't run in the middle of the day. SO HOT AND HUMID!
Salmon and garlic mashed potatoes for birthday dinner :)
Then we watched the latest Bourne movie. It was a good day :)

Friday, July 14, 2017

No. 30

No. 30 for the year was John Sandford's Chosen Prey:
I really like this author's style. I need to find more of his books :)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

No. 29

No. 29 was another David Baldacci audio book:
The Fix is another in the Amos Decker series - not my favorite of the Baldacci's, but a good "read".

His next book isn't due out until November....

Monday, July 10, 2017

No. 28

No. 28: Hundred-Dollar Baby by Robert B. Parker.

Nothing special, but an entertaining mystery :)

Sunday, July 9, 2017

5 on the 4th (7/4/17)

Per tradition, we did a family race to kick off our Fourth of July festivities!

The ORRC 5 on the 4th is held at Mentor Graphics, right next to Brad's work in Wilsonville. We did this race a couple years ago and really liked it, so we signed up again. And like last time, we rode our bikes the 9 miles to the start.

Mom's still battling a torn plantar fascia, so she took pictures and then went to an acupuncture appointment. Ready to run:
Brad stayed with me while I ran as fast as my tired legs would allow. I was running hard but couldn't quite maintain when the road went uphill about .25 from the end. I took a short moment to catch my breath, then I sprinted to the end. I finished in 26:32, an 8:32 average. I'll take it! 

My time was good enough for 4/13 in my age group, 16/63 females and 52/122 overall.

This was Eryn's first race since her spring back surgery to repair a herniated disc. She did great! Ready to get back on the racing wagon :)
She sprinted past that other woman in the tutu!
Dad's been caring for his ailing 97-year-old father and hasn't had much time for working out. But he didn't want to miss the holiday fun :)
Dad and Brad won raffle prizes!!!