Thursday, September 29, 2016

No. 38

No. 38 was another audio book, David Baldacci's Divine Justice:
I've been listening to these while driving and walking and doing chores. Then when I have down time, and before bed, I read a real book. The stories are vastly different, so I don't have trouble "reading" both at the same time.

Divine Justice was the fourth in Baldacci's Camel Club series - good political mysteries!


Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Discovery Run - no winner!

We went to a Discovery Run and didn't win anything! It seems someone from our group always wins at the monthly running scavenger hunt.

But we still had fun running around Tualatin, collecting raffle tickets as we went. Brad and I misread our map and ended up running about 2.5 miles extra! Good thing it was dark and no one could see us coming from the wrong direction!
Dad's no-win streak continues! I think we're going on three years now :)
Because we went the wrong way - not as many tickets this time:
Even without winning, it's a fun way to get a workout! :)

Monday, September 26, 2016

Fall walk

Last week, I celebrated fall with a lunch walk in the rain. So much beauty!

No. 37

The THS band holds a huge annual parking lot sale full of donations from band families and such. Last year and again this year, I scored piles of Diane Mott Davidson books! The culinary mysteries are fun, easy reads with good twists and turns.

So No. 37 for 2016 is Dying for Chocolate, which kept me guessing until the end:
I hope that band family keeps reading and donating these fun books so I can keep collecting :)

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Saddle Mountain (9/4/16)

The McKee family camped Labor Day weekend, and Eryn I had a chance to run our 16/18 miler on the Banks-Vernonia Trail. The next day, Brad, Dad and I headed west for a hike up Saddle Mountain.

It was beyond crowded, but it was also beautiful! What a spectacular trail! 
Dad and I joked about our luck lately with the cloudy vistas (Pinnacle Peak). Here's the summit:
But a local guy was hanging out, promising the clouds would soon lift.
Never fear, the Beer Police are here!
Happy Dad!
The clouds didn't break, but they did lift enough to show us the coastline, the Columbia River, Astoria, Warrenton and some other far-off sites!
This bit of nature filled my soul! :)

Friday, September 23, 2016

Crater Lake, too (Sept. 2016)

Here are some pics from my non-fancy camera. (Brad's pics HERE)

Look at that reflection!

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Crater Lake (Sept. 2016)

Brad's sister and brother-in-law flew to Oregon earlier this month to visit Crater Lake, and the rest of the family joined them for a long weekend.

We stayed at WorldMark at Running Y Ranch in Klamath Falls. Saturday, we drove north to Crater Lake to take in the sites. The water was like glass, and one worker told us it was the best reflection day all summer!

Brad took some panoramics on his fancy camera:

We circled the lake, stopping at viewpoints along the way. 

Steve and Donna:
Jill and Maroof:
It was the first week of school, so Brad and I drove down Friday and then I drove home Sunday afternoon. Looks like all the real fun happened after I left! 

Sunday afternoon was kayaking in Klamath Falls. I guess Brad didn't take his camera. So here's one I stole from Jill:
Later, Maroof learned to ride a bike:
Monday, Jill, Maroof, Steve and Brad hiked Mount Scott. It was much colder than expected, and they rummaged through Steve's car for emergency clothes. Jill's wearing a blanket as a skirt: