Thursday, September 22, 2016

Crater Lake (Sept. 2016)

Brad's sister and brother-in-law flew to Oregon earlier this month to visit Crater Lake, and the rest of the family joined them for a long weekend.

We stayed at WorldMark at Running Y Ranch in Klamath Falls. Saturday, we drove north to Crater Lake to take in the sites. The water was like glass, and one worker told us it was the best reflection day all summer!

Brad took some panoramics on his fancy camera:

We circled the lake, stopping at viewpoints along the way. 

Steve and Donna:
Jill and Maroof:
It was the first week of school, so Brad and I drove down Friday and then I drove home Sunday afternoon. Looks like all the real fun happened after I left! 

Sunday afternoon was kayaking in Klamath Falls. I guess Brad didn't take his camera. So here's one I stole from Jill:
Later, Maroof learned to ride a bike:
Monday, Jill, Maroof, Steve and Brad hiked Mount Scott. It was much colder than expected, and they rummaged through Steve's car for emergency clothes. Jill's wearing a blanket as a skirt:


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