Saturday, September 17, 2016

Alaska cruisin' 2016: Skagway

The day after visiting the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau, the ship docked in Skagway.

Brad did a wonderful job of researching ahead of time all our stops so we had great options for exploring!

It was very warm in Skagway as we first ran up the big ridge behind the docks and then circled Lower Dewey Lake:
It was beautiful and felt like home!
I have no idea what's happening here:
We were alone almost the entire trip except, of course, when we reached our destination waterfall. Those nice runners took our picture:
On the way back to town, this ptarmigan was sitting right next to the trail, guarding her babies. Wildlife!!
The big tourist thing in Skagway is the train to White Pass. Most of the rest of the family did that outing while we explored on foot:
Next, we ran through town to Yakutania Point. Being so close to the ships, it was not quite the solitude we'd enjoyed at Dewey :)

Helicopters were lifting off constantly, offering cruisers aerial views of the glaciers and gold-rush area:
Our Ruby Princess is on the right:
Love this one!
After about 11 miles on foot, we returned to "downtown" and explored the shops and parks displays. It was a wonderful day in a beautiful spot!

Some of the view from our cabin as we cruised to our next stop:
Talk about a room with a view!

Next up: Victoria :)

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