Friday, July 21, 2017

TF '16

Flashback to fall:

Eryn and I filled carts at Winco and New Seasons for Turkey Feast 2016!
Our annual feast was a small affair but still full of friends, food and festivity :)
I almost canceled, as this was the week of the election and I truly didn't feel like a party. But we decided to make it a Trump-free zone and go ahead with the feasting.

The menu included ham (easier than turkey) and lots of gluten-free options.
TF wouldn't be complete without more pie than we can eat :)

Thursday, July 20, 2017

Summer Streakin' 2017: Part 2

7/3 - trailing running at Tryon:
7/4 - 5 on the 4th - plus we rode our bikes to the race :)
7/5 - hike Tryon with Lindsey and kickboxing in the evening:
7/6 - morning run:
7/7 - hike Larch Mountain with Brittany and Tina: #fierce
7/8 - treadmill walk with The Office:
7/9 - no real workout - but moving my grandparents.

7/10 - Tryon trail run - 7 miles!
7/11 - more moving the grandparents

7/12 - morning run with Ben and evening Super Kickboxing:
7/13 - more moving

7/14 - Hug Point hike and Cape Lookout Hike (to south beach):
 7/15 - Cape Lookout hike:
7/16 - birthday lunch, church meeting, death in the family... too much going on. no time for a workout.

7/17 - Tryon trail run - 4 miles:
7/18 - noon kickboxing and a bike ride to the park:
7/19 - Super Kickboxing:

Wednesday, July 19, 2017


My birthday is the week of graduation - the busiest week of my year! 

This year, it was also Global Running Day! So Brad and I started off with a neighborhood run. 
Despite the busyness, I sure felt spoiled this year. Throughout the day, the gifts, balloons, cards, flowers, goodies and well wishes just kept coming!
My second THS birthday treat. The first one came a month early :)
My favorite card came from Pam. She knows me so well ;)
In the evening, Brad and I went to Super Kickboxing, and Candice and Brittany gave me a special birthday workout. It was perfect and awesome - I loved it!!!!!
Then because of graduation responsibilities and other scheduling stuff, we put off family dinner until the next week. First, I ran to pick up a Redbox. I've been eyeing a really hilly fall half marathon, so I decided to run up and over Canterbury Hill to grab a DVD. It was a great reminder why I don't run in the middle of the day. SO HOT AND HUMID!
Salmon and garlic mashed potatoes for birthday dinner :)
Then we watched the latest Bourne movie. It was a good day :)

Friday, July 14, 2017

No. 30

No. 30 for the year was John Sandford's Chosen Prey:
I really like this author's style. I need to find more of his books :)

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

No. 29

No. 29 was another David Baldacci audio book:
The Fix is another in the Amos Decker series - not my favorite of the Baldacci's, but a good "read".

His next book isn't due out until November....

Monday, July 10, 2017

No. 28

No. 28: Hundred-Dollar Baby by Robert B. Parker.

Nothing special, but an entertaining mystery :)

Sunday, July 9, 2017

5 on the 4th (7/4/17)

Per tradition, we did a family race to kick off our Fourth of July festivities!

The ORRC 5 on the 4th is held at Mentor Graphics, right next to Brad's work in Wilsonville. We did this race a couple years ago and really liked it, so we signed up again. And like last time, we rode our bikes the 9 miles to the start.

Mom's still battling a torn plantar fascia, so she took pictures and then went to an acupuncture appointment. Ready to run:
Brad stayed with me while I ran as fast as my tired legs would allow. I was running hard but couldn't quite maintain when the road went uphill about .25 from the end. I took a short moment to catch my breath, then I sprinted to the end. I finished in 26:32, an 8:32 average. I'll take it! 

My time was good enough for 4/13 in my age group, 16/63 females and 52/122 overall.

This was Eryn's first race since her spring back surgery to repair a herniated disc. She did great! Ready to get back on the racing wagon :)
She sprinted past that other woman in the tutu!
Dad's been caring for his ailing 97-year-old father and hasn't had much time for working out. But he didn't want to miss the holiday fun :)
Dad and Brad won raffle prizes!!!

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Larch Mountain (7/7/17)

Yesterday's adventure was Larch Mountain with some awesome ladies!

Brittany and I had plans to do a midday hike outside Corbett. I told Tina she should skip work and go with us. Well... she did, and we all piled in her new rig and drove to the Gorge!
We parked at the gate and took the shorter route to the top. We came out above the clouds and had a beautiful view of all five mountains: Jefferson, Hood, Adams, Rainier and St. Helens. It was warm and calm on the top, so we hung out and enjoyed the sunshine.

Hood is just to the left of my head... hard to see in the photo, but not hard to see in real life! 
So close we could almost touch her. The sign said 22 miles as the crow flies:
Since we're kickboxing buddies:
We took the long way down and completed the loop for 7.29 miles. A beautiful hike with beautiful, strong women :)