Sunday, December 31, 2017

Resist: 2017 in review

Since January 2017, I've made political action a priority in my life.

Politics and socialist ideals have always been important to me. I've attended rallies and canvassed and made my voice known since I was a child. I even held an elected public office in high school to advance the Democratic cause.

But life changed dramatically on Nov. 8, 2016, when that retched man "won" the election.

There are no words strong enough to describe the sadness, disappointment, anger, etc., I feel about the Trump administration - and the fact that people I thought shared my values voted him into office - and continue to support him. It literally makes me sick to my stomach.

I've been told that I'm misguided and that we simply need to pray for the president and all will be well. Oh, and "it won't be that bad." Bullshit. Every single day, I see rights stripped from my friends and family, I see marginalized people hurt even more, I see greed and profits put above all else, I see beloved, sacred public lands sold to the highest bidder, I see millions of people lose their health insurance, I see sexual assault rewarded. It disgusts me, and I will not stand by and remain silent.

Here are just some of the actions, meetings, rallies, and marches I've attended since Jan. 20, 2017:

West Hills Friends opened its doors for a vigil on Inauguration Day. As I was (am!) in deep mourning, I thought this was a good way to start the day. It was a moving experience with guided meditation and quiet time. 

I love this sign that hangs in the church lobby:
In the afternoon, I went downtown to a huge rally in Pioneer Courthouse Square. Speaker after speaker inspired the crowd to fight. My sign: Protest is Patriotic.
After the rally, we took to the streets. It was powerful and cathartic and life-giving. We yelled and screamed and chanted words I won't repeat in this forum:
The next day was the Women's March in Downtown Portland. Love Trumps Hate:
Sunday brought a vigil to Newberg, where many from our church and others gathered to show our love for the community:
This sign went up in our yard:
Food for a cause:
Eryn and I wore our "I'm glad you're my neighbor" shirts to show our students love:
Huge public forum at Tigard's Muslim Education Trust:
I was in Phoenix for a February marathon and joined a protest at the statehouse:
Brad and I attended a day-long resistance training in Portland:
Signs ready to go!
Lake Oswego counter-protest:
Rally outside Portland's ICE building:

Native American rally:
Mni Wiconi (Water is Life)
Immigration rally in Woodburn:
Tax March:
When my church decided to embrace an anti-LGBTQ+ statement, this became my church shirt:
March for Science at the capitol in Salem:
Fighting for sanctuary city status at Tigard City Hall:
I work to change the world every day with these beautiful students:
OSEA Conference 2017:
Rise Up 5K:
Pride Parade:
Stand with Charlottesville:
PCHRP rally - Portland Committee for Human Rights in the Philippines:
Vigil in Vancouver:
Eclipse Hate rally:
After, we took to the streets, taking over two bridges and holding a vigil in the middle of the Morrison Bridge. This was a very emotional, powerful event:
Save DACA:
Counter-protest in Portland:
The action moved to Vancouver, and I spent hours facing off with these guys:
We took over a Trump supporter's hotel lobby:
Putting our money to good use:
Sen. Ron Wyden comes to Tigard High School:
OSEA leadership summit:
Trans Day of Remembrance Vigil:
There have also been countless committee meetings, action groups, planning sessions, donations, e-mails, petitions, and campaigning. And it will all continue as long as this wretched man is president and his administration continues destroying everything that's important to me and those I love. This is my pledge.

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