Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bug for sale

When Connie asked if I would run the final, a 5K in the park, with her "Individual Fitness" students, I jumped at the chance to get paid to work out!

I started in the back with a student who was not an athlete but was working really hard to do his best. We played what is affectionately known in my family as "the lollipop game," where we pick a point and run until we get there. Then we pick another point and walk to there. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Breaking it down into small goals is a great way tackle a hard task!
We covered the first 1.43 miles in 22:31, a 15:47 average, before the student headed to the finish.

I kept going, speeding up and trying to pick off students in front of me. I taunted them, saying they better not let me catch up and pass them! One group was walking but took off running when they saw me coming :)

I did the last 1.68 miles in 14:03 - an 8:22 average!
In all, 3.11 in 36:35 - an 11:46 average.

I celebrated with a choco milk:
Sue's Bug, Lillie, was parked at my photo spot:
She's selling this beauty. Interested??


This one made me laugh :)

Forgotten photos: Mud Run

I was in such a rush Friday to get in my workout and post it before driving to the beach that I left my camera plugged in to my computer at home! Oh my gosh!! 

Fortunately, Eryn was not a slacker and had her camera. She loaned it to me for the holiday weekend.

When I was downloading pictures, I discovered the Eryn rarely empties her memory card. She still has pictures on there from our trip to New York in 2010!

She also has pictures from last year's Mud Run with Brad, Mike, Luann and Tyler. Sweet!

Team Solstice Stupidity ready to go:
The start/finish line:

And we're off!
Unfortunately, the spectators were confined to the parking lot area and couldn't see us run our 6 miles through muddy obstacles.

But they did get to witness the final obstacle, where we had to crawl under the cargo net. Co-worker Andy was in an earlier heat:
Waiting our turn:
Here I go:
Sprint to the finish:
Mud running out my pants:
Such a fun day :)

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Gratitude - 5/30

I am grateful for a productive morning.
I am grateful to be invited to run with my friend's PE class.
I am grateful to dig in the dirt.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows" James 1:17 NIV

Camping with the fam

Aw... holiday weekends (and the short weeks that follow!). It doesn't get much better.

I squeezed in a quick workout after work Friday before hitting the road with Mom and Eryn.

Brad was on his way to climb in Northern California, and Dad was already down at Fort Stevens setting up our campsite.

Dad called while we were en route and asked if we wanted to meet at Mo's in Cannon Beach for some grub. Because we hit no traffic, we decided there was plenty of time to eat and get to camp in time to set up before dark.
The McKee ladies:
It was gorgeous out there:
After consuming chowder, shrimp salads and crab sandwiches, we made our way up the coast to Fort Stevens State Park.

I immediately stepped in dog poo while setting up my tent. I strongly dislike dogs - and irresponsible dog owners :(

We settled in around the campfire, with citronella and bug spray to ward off the giant, though not-too-potent, mosquitoes. Eventually, I turned in and slept like a baby.

In researching fun things to do with our weekend, we discovered that Long Beach has a Memorial Day garage sale... like the entire peninsula! So we drove across the bridge into Washington and immediately saw sign after sign after sign announcing sales. 
We stopped at many, and we all got some treasures. I scored a brand-new Vera Bradley bag (still sporting its original $84 tags) for $5! Even if it's a knock off, it was only $5 :) And at a church sale, we filled a grocery bag with odds and ends and then pooled our money to cover the $3 bag fee.
Dad was in heaven :)

On the way back to Oregon, we swung through Fort Columbia State Park.
It was really neat, and had we had more time, we would have paid the fee and gotten out to explore.
Before our hot dog dinner, Mom and Dad walked and Eryn and I ran, putting in 4.25 miles to the beach and around some camp trails. It was a great run in the mild, beachy air.
Sunday, we lazed around Sunday morning, which meant a lot of reading this around the fire:
Then we drove to Fort Clatsop to hike the 6.3-mile Fort to Sea Trail.
We celebrated with dipped soft serve:
After some dinner, I had an uneventful drive back to town. The fam stayed until Monday, but I felt the call of my cat and my house.

Even with a camping trip, I still managed a day of finishing my book, chores and a workout, all before Brad returned from climbing. We celebrated his homecoming with buy-one-get-one burritos at Qdoba.

I love a holiday weekend :)

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

No. 17

Loved it! Devoured it in just two days.

I loved all three Hunger Games books - couldn't get enough!

But now I'm in that place where I'm sort of mourning the end of the story. Do you ever get that feeling?

Now I need to go see the movie... soon :)

Monday, May 28, 2012

Gratitude - 5/28

I am grateful for a long, relaxing weekend.
I am grateful for Brad's safe climbing trip.
I am grateful for froyo and half-price burritos.

"Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows" James 1:17 NIV

Mixing it up: elliptical, running, hiking, stadiums

With my half marathon out of the way, I'm excited to expand my workout repertoire and mix in some other activities.

The weekend started with a quick elliptical workout after work Friday.

Then Mom, Eryn and I drove to the coast, where Dad already had our Fort Stevens campsite ready. (Brad spent the holiday weekend climbing in Northern California)

Saturday, Eryn and I went for a run while Mom and Dad walked. We ran to the ocean and then made a loop on the trails and through the campground. It was dry and mild - perfect running weather.
 I did 4.25 miles in 38:07 - the first 5K fast and then a slower finish.
We didn't plan to wear the same shirt :)
Sunday, the fam tried out the Fort to Sea Trail, which starts at Fort Clatsop and ends at Sunset Beach near Camp Rilea.

It was about 6.3 miles in all, with thick woods, streams, wetlands, rivers, overlooks, bridges and cow pastures. A fun, easy hike.

The Clatsop Ridge Overlook:
 The beach overlook:
We left one car at each trailhead and shuttled between the two. Mom, who's nursing a foot injury, declined to walk the final .3 miles to the beach. Instead, she drove her truck on the beach :)
The temp was mild, and it sprinkled just a couple times during our hike. But it was really windy on the beach, and Eryn tried unsuccessfully to fly:
 Mom loves her truck :)
 We picked up the other car and then celebrated our workout with cones at Dairy Maid in Warrenton:
 I had an x-small chocolate cone with chocolate dip:
 Yummy treat!
I returned home Sunday night and spent my Memorial Day reading and then getting the house in order. Lots and lots of laundry and dishes.

But I had to get sweaty, so I ran to THS and did stairs.
I ran  2.31 quick miles and 30 minutes on the stadium.

I think tomorrow's a rest day :)