Wednesday, May 2, 2012


In late March, Coach asked me if I'd take a look at his football Web site and make some suggestions, possibly taking over the content management.

My creative juices started flowing, and within hours, I'd created a brand-new site using Blooger (it's free and they'd been paying to have it hosted - fund-raised money that would otherwise go to the team). Because it's something that I really enjoy, I spent hours and hours creating graphics, moving content, updating content and adding new features.
Every time I thought I was caught up on Coach's requests, he'd send me a new bunch of stuff or have a suggestion of something cool he'd like added. I was glad for the challenge!

I'm pleased to announce that Coach is happy with the results (and the cost savings!), and his freshmen players and families will be the first to see the new site -- at tonight's meeting.


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