Monday, May 7, 2012

Uncle Wayne & Seussical

Mom and I drove Saturday morning to Canby for the annual plant sale. It's a tradition - especially Uncle Wayne's Tomatoes!

I got three, we bought four for coworker Lynette, and Mom bought 15, I think. She's addicted :)
Neither of us was looking for anything else in particular, so we browsed for a bit and then headed for the food court. Couldn't resist the Sweet Apple Pie Fries!
A small order to split was perfect. So yummy!!
Then I got home and went to work planting my tomatoes and the rest of my driveway garden. I need to snap a few pics ASAP! I couldn't take any this weekend with my fingers covered in dirt.

After a shower, it was time to celebrate Cinco de Mayo at Sanchez Taqueria in Tigard - with Brad's folks. Chips and salsa:
I ordered a torta and asked for beans instead of meat. They got the "without meat" part right, but there were no beans. Just a sad little pile of shredded cabbage and a couple slices of tomato and avocado - oh, and Miracle Whip. It was really tasty, but a little lacking in the protein department.
Brad got the al pastor torta and said it was excellent.

Then it was off to the evening's main event: Seussical the musical at THS.

It was a huge production with lots of talented teens, especially CJ Irving. I hope he makes it big one day!

Overall, a great Saturday with fun and accomplishments :)

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