Friday, May 25, 2012

Library fun

New to my job duties this year is covering about an hour each day in the library so that the librarian (who happens to be my sister, Eryn!) can take a lunch break. 

(Budget cuts have whittled down the library staff over the years, and last year's cuts left just one person to cover the entire library - 2,000 students and 130 staff!)

I've really enjoyed learning a new job and working in a different setting - and with students and staff with whom I don't usually interact. And having my little sister for a boss has actually been fun! :)

Armed with my new skill set and a constant desire to organize things, I decided to take on our CE2 library.
With Eryn's help, I've successfully moved all our textbooks into the library collection. By giving up a little bit of convenience (our students now must go to the library to check out their texts), we now have better control over the books. That means less money walking out the door when students graduate and fail to return all their books.

Now I am tackling our novel collection.

This morning, one of our fabulous district IT guys installed the check-out software right on my CE2 computer, and then Eryn showed me how to add all our novels to the system.
I even have a bar-code reader to beep the books in and out!
Now if I can only carve out some time to tag and enter all the books...

It's going to be great!!

Who knew playing librarian would be so fun?!?  :)

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