Sunday, June 30, 2013

Solstice Stupidity 2013

What did you do on the longest Saturday of the year? I got stupid with my friends, as always :)

For our fifth-annual Solstice Stupidity adventure (2009, 2010, 2011, 2012), we returned to the trail that started it all. That's right: Less than a week after my marathon, I hiked 30.25 miles. That's stupid!

We started with a sleepover Friday night at our house. Then out the door at 5 a.m. Beautiful sunrise:
Stupidity hit before we even got there when the freeway was closed for paving. Fortunately, the GPS helped us around the detour.
Liz, Brad, Nick, Tim, Chris and Theresa ready to go:
First organized rest stop at Mile 9:
Hosted by Bill and Eryn (both have foot injuries and couldn't join us on the trail):
Thanks so much for bringing our food and supplies!

Nick had to bail early so he could go to work (lame!), so we took one last group shot at Firelane 3. We were posing for the timer when a runner rounded the corner and almost ran through the shot. Notice her arm on the far right:
We wished she would have bombed our photo!!

Last organized rest stop at Mile 25:
Thanks to Steve and Donna for all the food! (and for moving our car - that was awesome!)
Theresa got dressed very quickly (and in the dark, I think), and ended up with her Tempo shorts on backward. She noticed about 10 miles in and just left them. I laughed about that over and over and over. (I'm still laughing a little ;) )
We all did great until the last couple miles. Then it got tough.

But 11 hours after we started, we spotted our red car through the trees. The finish!!
30.25 miles!
No one wanted to go eat since they all chowed down on Donna's amazing monster cookies at the last stop. So we parted ways, everyone headed home for ice baths.

After cleaning up, Brad and I went to Native Foods to refuel:
Another super-fun, crazy Solstice Stupidity in the books :)

What should we do next year? Maybe a relay??


Saturday, June 29, 2013

There's a hot-air balloon on my trail

Last week I combined exercise with entertainment, running to Cook Park for Friday's early-morning balloon launch.

The balloons began lifting off just before 6 a.m.
Dad joined me :)
The weather was perfect, except there was no wind. Literally. The balloons went straight up and never floated south like the were supposed to. 

Several gave up and landed in nearby fields/water-treatment plant:
It was quite a sight.

Then I was running home along the trail when I rounded the corner and was startled by a balloon right on the path. It was tethered to the golf cart and being escorted to a spot better suited for deflation.
And with Friday's run, I successfully passed my 2011 mileage. The distance really adds up when marathon training :)

Friday, June 28, 2013

Sweaty summer run

It's full-on summer out there.

With temps pushing 90 today and higher tomorrow, I decided to go out this morning for my long run. I took off at 7 a.m., hoping to beat the heat. I should have left at 6! Maybe 5.

I asked Dad if he'd like to bike along with me to keep me company - and to give him an excuse to get out and move a bit this morning. Check out his sweet new high-vis vest! (Father's Day present :) )
I showed him my favorite long loop, including a park he'd never seen.

I kept it slow, but my effort seemed like I was going much faster! HOT.
13.05 miles in 2:21 - a 10:49 average.

I'm glad that's done for the weekend!

Bonus pic! Dad also joined me Tuesday for a rainy workout:

My secret marathon in pictures

With my own personal photographers along the race course, I have a ton of pictures to share from the Vancouver USA Marathon! (Read my race recap)

We arrived at Saturday's expo just in time to see the 5K start:
Then a shake-out run along Portland's esplanade:
Nervous but ready to go:
My 4:45 pacer, Melissa (she's a rock star!):
My support crew/paparazzi:
New running buddy:
My big finish:

I think I'm dancing:
Or maybe I have to pee really bad (actually, I think that's calf cramping):
Steve and Donna brought me a custom finisher's medal:
Bellagios Oasis. YUM!
Celebrated at home with an ice bath. Awesome!