Thursday, May 31, 2012

Forgotten photos: Mud Run

I was in such a rush Friday to get in my workout and post it before driving to the beach that I left my camera plugged in to my computer at home! Oh my gosh!! 

Fortunately, Eryn was not a slacker and had her camera. She loaned it to me for the holiday weekend.

When I was downloading pictures, I discovered the Eryn rarely empties her memory card. She still has pictures on there from our trip to New York in 2010!

She also has pictures from last year's Mud Run with Brad, Mike, Luann and Tyler. Sweet!

Team Solstice Stupidity ready to go:
The start/finish line:

And we're off!
Unfortunately, the spectators were confined to the parking lot area and couldn't see us run our 6 miles through muddy obstacles.

But they did get to witness the final obstacle, where we had to crawl under the cargo net. Co-worker Andy was in an earlier heat:
Waiting our turn:
Here I go:
Sprint to the finish:
Mud running out my pants:
Such a fun day :)

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