Thursday, May 31, 2012

Bug for sale

When Connie asked if I would run the final, a 5K in the park, with her "Individual Fitness" students, I jumped at the chance to get paid to work out!

I started in the back with a student who was not an athlete but was working really hard to do his best. We played what is affectionately known in my family as "the lollipop game," where we pick a point and run until we get there. Then we pick another point and walk to there. Repeat, repeat, repeat. Breaking it down into small goals is a great way tackle a hard task!
We covered the first 1.43 miles in 22:31, a 15:47 average, before the student headed to the finish.

I kept going, speeding up and trying to pick off students in front of me. I taunted them, saying they better not let me catch up and pass them! One group was walking but took off running when they saw me coming :)

I did the last 1.68 miles in 14:03 - an 8:22 average!
In all, 3.11 in 36:35 - an 11:46 average.

I celebrated with a choco milk:
Sue's Bug, Lillie, was parked at my photo spot:
She's selling this beauty. Interested??

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