Tuesday, May 8, 2012

11 miles - but first, pancakes

This weekend was full of very important annual events: Canby plant sale Saturday and the Newberg firefighter pancake feed Sunday. Seriously can't-miss events in my book!

After church, Mom and Dad drove out to meet us for lunch. $7 for all we could eat eggs, sausage and pancakes. M and D were so excited to get the 55-and-older discount!

I don't know what it is, but pancakes made by firefighters are a million times better than any others. (Actually, we did learn one trick: They use a 5.5 horsepower DeWalt drill with a stainless-steel bit to mix the batter in 5-gallon buckets. Maybe that's why they are extra fluffy!!)
I was pleasantly filled after some eggs and three pancakes hot off the grill.
I spent the afternoon finishing up my driveway garden and potting 36 impatiens for my shady deck. (Pictures... soon!!)  

But the true big event of the weekend was my long run.

With my half on May 20 and a quarter coming up Saturday, I planned to hit my peak mileage last weekend. But my run sucked, and I squeaked out less than 9 miles before throwing in the towel. I did add 5 miles the next day, but that doesn't count.

I needed one more long run - if for no other reason, to convince myself that I am ready.

I cleaned the dirt from under my fingernails, slathered on the sunscreen, geared up and headed out about 5:30 p.m.

The temp was up and the sun was shining, but there was a slight breeze to provide a little of nature's air conditioning, and some evening shadows gave breaks from the constant rays.
I planned to run 10ish miles with a version of my newest loop to King City. I felt strong keeping the pace around 9:45-9:50 and stopping only to cross the highway twice. I went into Cook Park and across the river to Tualatin, hitting my happy place at about 8 miles, feeling really good.

I decided to finish 10 miles while still in the park and then walk up the big hill toward home.

I reached the hill at 10.28 miles - a 9:53 average.

I walked for 3 minutes up the grade and then jogged slower until I reached 11.09 miles. My calves were cramping, and I decided to stop there and walk the .5 miles home. No need to push it.

11.09 miles in 1:51:02 - a 10:01 average, including the walk:
Awesome! If I have another run like that, I will definitely make my half-marathon goal :)

But as soon as I stopped, my calves felt like baseballs. Ouch. I'm not usually one for ice/cold baths, but it was time! I got in the tub right in my shorts and started filling with cold water, letting out some screams along the way.
Man, did that feel great?!?! Seriously - it just took away the pain!

After soaking for a bit, I took a shower and then we went for some refueling (Brad had been running trails at Tryon State Park while I was running around town).

Davidson's is always great food. I'd never tried their clam chowder, but it was excellent. Just what I needed.
And a veggie burger:
Brad tried their brand-new special: chilaquiles with chicken.
He said it was very good.

Feeling good - I think I'm ready :)

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