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Hello there!
Some stuff about me...

I'm a bicentennial baby born and raised in the Portland area, birthed at the Adidas U.S. headquarters in North Portland... it used to be a Kaiser hospital.
I'm a sixth-generation Oregonian. I tell people that's why I'm so pale... the pigment has been bred right out of our skin after so many decades under the clouds!
Speaking of clouds, I love the rain. While some find a dark, drizzly day depressing and gloomy, I find it life-giving. Fall is my favorite season, though I find amazingness in all our mild Oregon seasons.
I met my husband the day we moved into college and got married three and a half years later, two weeks after graduation. That was more than 18 years ago.
By choice, and for a number of reasons, we have no children. But we had Linus, our giant, trouble-making feline. Linus died after 13 years with us. He was 16. (Read his eulogy)

Now we have Gizmo, a crazy girl we adopted from the Oregon Humane Society:

My degree from George Fox University is in Communications/Video Production, and I spent nine years working in news at KOIN-TV in downtown Portland. I went from being a news trainee to the head of the station Web site, which was a pioneer in the early years of the Internet boom (that makes me sound really old!)

A variety of factors (including a crazy boss who's now in prison for pretending he was dead and taking on a new identity!!! Seriously... read the article.) led me to resign and take a year off to discover my next big adventure. 

When I quit my job after almost a decade of researching, writing and producing news, I needed an outlet for my story telling. I started my blog the next month (July 2007) with pictures and tales from our first trip to Crater Lake.
I ended up returning to my alma mater, taking a part-time position as support staff for (CE)2, an alternative-education program at Tigard High School. I work with at-risk youth, helping them navigate through life and the end of their high-school careers... including graduation!! It's an amazingly fulfilling job that I truly love.

My husband, Brad, is a manufacturing engineer... the linear-thinking, rational one in the relationship. We're a good balance :)

But he's also a crazy man, spending his free time hiking, biking, skiing, mountain climbing, rock climbing, running, kayaking, backpacking...

He introduced me to the lifestyle, and we spend most of our free time enjoying God's creation and pushing our physical limits.

Things that make me happy (in no particular order):
Thanks for joining me as I share my adventures, both big and small!

-Liz :)

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  1. Liz,
    I am on the Board of the Happy Canyon Company. We, along with the Pendleton Round-Up Assoc. organize the Let 'er Buck Run (among other things) each year. We are getting ready to start promoting our July 3rd and 4th events this year. In so doing, I did a Google image search and came across pictures from your blog. I was wondering if we might be able to use some of them on our two Facebook pages. Pelase email me and let me know: corey at nn-cpa dot com (got to keep those spam bots away). - Corey Neistadt