Wednesday, May 2, 2012

No-TV Tuesday: National Bike Month

What better way to kick off National Bike Month than a brisk ride to work?

You know how I love to label things. And since May came pre-labeled, I'm going to embrace it and make it my own. I'm vowing to make as many trips on my bike as possible.

I started my No-TV Tuesday by riding to work, then continued the fun by riding to Alberstons for groceries. My list was short this week, so getting it all on my bike was no problem.
Next up, Bi-Mart for prescription refills. I've never ridden on Pacific Highway before, but it was either that or go all the way around (or over!) Canterbury Hill. It was a short section, and I just geared down and powered up the hill. I was very aware of the cars around me, and it wasn't a big deal.

I ran into Dad, and he laughed at me when we heard a sudden downpour pounding the store's roof. Spring shower. He did offer to take my bag of stuff home in his warm, dry car, but I figured I could handle it.
Shortly after I left Bi-Mart, that rain turned to pea-sized hail. Ouch! It was pretty intense, but I had to get home, so I kept riding. I had an awesome rain jacket and helmet cover, but the rest of me got soaked. All part of the fun :)

I did discover a new road that cut some of the climbing from my return trip - that was exciting!

Next up, dinner at Round Table in Lake Grove. Eryn treated the fam to all-we-could-eat salad and pizza bar. THANKS, Sis!!
Dad heard I was riding and thought that sounded like a good idea. So he swung by my house and we pedaled to pizza together.
In all, I did about 14 miles, got all my errands done and filled my tummy. Nice :)

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