Thursday, December 28, 2017

Dress-up days

A fairly loose dress code is one perk of my job. Some days I dress up. Other days I dress down. And some days, I wear my PJs!

A few times a year, we have spirit weeks with specific dress-up days. The week before Christmas break included PJ Day:
The McKee women bought these on our Black Friday shopping extravaganza for Christmas morning. We decided to debut them at THS... because how could we not?! :) 

I think this was "winter wear" day. Mom had hers on, too, but we didn't get a group shot:
Thursday was "family photo day", and my students decided on their own that we should all wear flannels for our family photo. Unfortunately, one of our buses had a minor fender bender (no one injured!) that delayed the return of half our students. So we took two photos:
My favorite thing is that it was THEIR idea :)

My job is so fun!!!

And... because my school life is pretty much the same as my out-of-school life, here's my family on Christmas Eve:

Mom and Eryn bought these babies for $7 each the day after Christmas last year. So rad! :)

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