Friday, December 22, 2017

Clark County Turkey Trot (11/23/17)

The McKee family continued our Thanksgiving race tradition, and since we were running in Vancouver, the Woods joined us, too!

Last year's race was a bit of a bust, so we decided to return to the Clark County Turkey Trot, which we all did a couple years ago. Last time, it was SOOOOO cold. This year? 60 degrees and tank tops!

We drove north to Klineline Pond and grabbed parking spots in the auxiliary parking lot. Since there's no bag check (and rain clouds threatened), we hung out near the cars until it was time to ditch the warmups and head to the starting line.

This is what happens when you take a selfie a split second after your turkey hat pokes your husband in the eye! We laughed so hard when we saw this photo!!!! 
Try again without the poking!
The course is an out-and-back with a 5K and a 10K option. Eryn, Brad, and I chose the 10K while the parents chose the 5K. It's a beautiful, flat course (a couple tiny hills near the 10K turnaround) through the park.

I ran fairly hard until my right hamstring started cramping. When it continued, I decided to walk a portion of the return. Since this was just a fun run and not a goal race, I absolutely didn't want to risk an injury. Meantime, those dark rain clouds opened up, and I was walking in the pouring rain :)

I tested the leg a couple times and kept walking. Then with about 1 mile to go, the leg felt OK so I kicked it up. I ran hard the final mile, past 5K walkers, strollers, dogs, and more. The narrow path was also full of runners headed back to their cars. Very crowded and mildly unpleasant.

My complaint about this race is the narrow multi-use path - especially the finish. There's a foot bridge yards before the end that all finishers and all those leaving the park must share. It's not conducive to fast running (or any running, really).

The finish line was also not controlled, and a woman walking backward from the finish area stepped right in front of me as I was kicking to the end. There were two women and a leashed dog on my right, so when she stepped in front of me, I had nowhere to go. I slammed into her and almost fell on my face as I crossed the timing mat. UGH. She was completely unapologetic and actually gave me the stink eye as if it was my fault :(

Despite the hamstring cramp (thankfully, it ended up just being a cramp and not a pull!) and the near-face plant, I felt good about this run! I finished in 59:13, a 9:33 average. Someone was counting us at the turnaround, and I was 80th. After a bunch of walking (and watching people pass me), I finished in 123rd place.

Brad finished in 39th! He got a special magnet for being in the top 50 :)

We were SOAKED and returned to the car to change:
Soon, the rest of the family arrived for a group photo before we headed home for last-minute Thanksgiving dinner prep:
It was so great to gather for our annual Thanksgiving run! I think next year we'll try the Uberthons race near our house :)

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