Friday, December 4, 2015

Clark County Turkey Trot (11/26/15)

Sticking with tradition, we started our Thanksgiving with a race!
This year's selection was the Clark County Turkey Trot. They offered a 5K and a 10K, so Brad, Eryn and I opted for the longer race for maximum pie-burning calories :)
Brad and I stayed the night at his parents' house in Vancouver, then it was up early for the short drive to Salmon Creek Park.
If you remember, it was super cold that day - 26 degrees at the start! We got there nice and early to secure parking, then sat in our cars until race time.

Formal Flush donated a couple luxury porta-potties - and they were unbelievable!
Heated (AC for the summer), photos on the walls, running water, "flush" toilets. Seriously nicest porta ever! THANKS, FORMAL FLUSH!!!
The before - notice the frozen leaves:
The after (Steve and Donna scooted out before we grabbed a pic):
This was a really good event! The course was gorgeous and almost totally flat. The volunteers were terrific. The crowd was cheerful and fun. I would definitely do this one again! It seemed a bit less festive than other turkey-day races we've done (perhaps because of the COLD), but it was still really fun.

I love this family tradition and hope to keep it up for a long time!! :)

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