Monday, December 14, 2015

Photos: Barrier Peak/Tamanos Mountain (8/16/15)

Back in August, we bagged a couple new peaks in Rainier National Park. I shared the photos from my point-and-shoot, but Brad's DSLR pics sat on our computer. Because he's always very picky about what he thinks are the best photos, I kept waiting for him to sort and upload. I'm tired of waiting, so here are some highlights that I think are worth sharing.

(You can find more of the trip report HERE)

Arriving Saturday morning at Owyhigh Lakes:
Our makeshift campsite: 
Sunday morning's view of Tamanos from our campsite: 
Tamanos Mountain from Barrier Peak: 
Mount Adams from Barrier Peak: 
Barrier Peak summit: 
Owyhigh Lakes and Tamanos Mountain: 
Potato chips taste the best on a climb! 
Tamanos Mountain approach: 
Rainier from the saddle: 
Looking back at Barrier Peak from Tamanos Summit: 
Back down at Owyhigh Lakes: 
 That was a tough, beautiful climb! :)

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