Monday, December 28, 2015

Ugly Sweater Run (12/19/15)

Last year's Ugly Sweater Run was so fun that we had to sign up again! We were even on this year's promos:
Brad's sis, Jill, arrived in town from NYC just in time to join us in the excitement.

The ugly sweater contest before the fun run:
Dad was sporting one of Mom's finest penguin tops:
Brad and I went with red sleeves under our matching "sweater" T-shirts:
The run starts and ends at Tualatin Road Runner Sports - warm and dry before and after!! Because of flooding, the normal route along the Tualatin River was unusable. Instead, they routed us on the road - and UP a big hill at the turnaround. We were running really fast, and I had to walk the top part so my heart didn't explode. It was fun to go fast :) 

Here comes Eryn in her matching T-shirt:
Nice job, little sis!
Racing triplets:
Demo Saucony shoes:
Dad racing to the finish and passing that lady in yellow:
Steve, Donna and Jill stayed together until the end, when Donna took off running. Then Steve decided to leave her in the dust:
And Jill just kept strolling with her hands in her pockets. She wasn't feeling competitive :)
First race for the whole Wood family:
The whole gang (Mom was stuck at home nursing her concussion):
Inside treats and prizes and information about the Ladybug CDH Foundation, one of the charities we were supporting:
Only one of our group won a raffle prize... Steve got this running shirt from Saucony:
It was great to share our love of racing with Brad's family! Can't wait for next year's fun run :)

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