Thursday, April 28, 2016

Kickboxing is a family affair

You know how I'm always trying to make everyone do stuff with me? (My friends and family are rolling their eyes right now because I harass them constantly!) :)

Earlier this year, my cousin, Jessie, started kickboxing with me at Fierce Fitness. She loved it so much that she started bringing friends - and her sister while home on spring break:
 My mom has also joined the gym, adding a once-a-week kickboxing class to her routine:
Yesterday, Aunt Kari called Mom to see what she was doing. Mom's reply: "Heading to kickboxing." Kari's response: "Crap" - or something along that line, possibly more colorful ;)

Apparently, Jessie had convinced Kari to attend class if Mom was there. HA!

And she survived!!!!
So seven of us at last night's class were either friends or relatives... don't you think I should get a finder's fee or something?!?! ;)

I love kickboxing, and it just fills my heart to see people I care about finding joy and fulfillment at Fierce, too!

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