Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Sisters run 20 miles!!!

With the Portland Marathon just THREE weeks away, it's peak mileage time - and that means 20 miles!!!

All week, Eryn and I watched the ever-changing weather report for the driest weekend day. Saturday morning looked best, so we met just before 6:30 a.m. and hit the road under dry but cloudy skies. It was already in the 60s and a bit muggy.

We were less than 2 miles in when we first felt some sprinkles. They came and went for a bit... and then the hoses turned on. It showered off and on for the next 4+ hours as we made our way through Tigard, King City and Tualatin. 

Eryn did awesome, working through some IT band pain and the mental and physical exhaustion of running TWENTY MILES!!!! 

A couple miles from home, we spotted Mom out on her walk. It wasn't raining at the time, and she commented about how it wasn't too wet out. UM, EXCUSE US... we were SOAKED! Shove it, MOM! :) :) :)

A little bit later, we rounded the corner by Eryn's house and Mom and Dad were standing in the rain waiting for us to finish! THEY ARE THE BEST!!!

Mom snapped a few pics as we finished off 20 miles!
Why am I smiling?? I don't know... delirium, I suppose.
We jumped (there was no jumping... more like slow, painful waddling) got into Eryn's kiddie pool for to "ice" our tired, crampy muscles. And ate doughnuts. The best doughnuts ever.

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