Monday, September 12, 2016

Alaska cruisin' 2016

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of Aunt Pat and Uncle Dave, the whole McKee family set sail for Alaska!

To say June was a crazy-busy month is an understatement! To celebrate my big 4-0, I took a trip to Mount Rainier National Park and Mount St. Helens. And there was graduation and the EPIC Relay. Early the day after our 200-mile relay, we got in a minivan with my family and drove to Seattle to board the Ruby Princess with about 30 family members:
Cousin Amy did a fantastic job organizing an anniversary party on our first cruising day. We watched a great video made by Andrew and Reilly, and the three Gault children told stories of their childhoods with Pat and Dave as parents. It was fun :)
Brad and I hit up the gym for some treadmill running. We thought it was hilarious that one of the television channel options was a camera pointed out the front of the ship - the exact same view we had looking out the windows:
My aunt Nancy and her brother, Ray, were down there dancing, preparing for a performance later in the week:
Next up: Ketchikan :)

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