Thursday, June 30, 2016

Mount St. Helens birthday adventure

Per tradition, I requested a family hike for my birthday: Johnston Ridge Observatory on Mount St. Helens.
First, we went to the observatory to watch the films, listen to a ranger talk and learn about the eruption. They had never been to the observatory, so it was a fun learning experience for everyone! 

We'd planned to take a cheese buffet picnic lunch, but we were so hungry that we spread it out on the sidewalk on ate in the parking lot before we hiked.
 Dad is asleep:
We headed out toward Harry's Ridge, but the exposed trail was too much for Mom's acrophobia, and we turned around at the viewpoint. Mom turned around a bit before that and missed our "summit" shot:
Spirit Lake:
We saw this sign on the way back and laughed: it's Mom!
Let's try to get a group photo. Four out of five isn't too bad:
Different four:
How about three and two partials??
Never mind.

The wildflowers were surprising and gorgeous!
A group shot with everyone!
On the way home, dinner at Corbett Fish House!

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