Sunday, September 18, 2016

Alaska cruisin' 2016: Victoria

After motoring up the Inside Passage and visiting three Alaskan towns, our ship turned south and cruised to Victoria, British Columbia for one last stop. (Skagway, Juneau, Endicott Arm, Ketchikan, setting sail)

A couple ships were already docked when we arrived:
The stop was only a few hours in the evening, so we strapped on our packs and headed out on foot:
We first followed the shoreline through Holland Point Park and stumbled upon what we think was some kind of funeral on the beach!

Then we went up the hill through Beacon Hill Park, which had a little bit of everything - a beautiful spot!
A petting zoo with several of these guys:
Then to the wharf. The Empress in the setting sun:
An otter!
We really wanted to see the legislature building all lit up, so we explored the shore some more and then returned to see the lights.
We didn't have a lot of time to return to the ship before being left in Canada, so we booked it back to the dock. But we ended up with some time left, so we went to the end of The Breakwater to this little lighthouse:
Looking back at the ships:
We made it back on board after a full evening of about 7.5 miles of exploring.

The next morning, we were back in Seattle, with this amazing view of Rainier (please pardon my dirty camera lens!):
One last selfie before leaving our floating home: 
Eryn was lost for a bit after a family miscommunication, but we all finally made it off the ship! 
What an amazing trip to a beautiful land! Thanks, Dad and Mom, for taking us with you on this journey!!! :)

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