Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Alaska cruisin' 2016: Ketchikan

After a day of sailing, our first port of call was Ketchikan:
When planning our trip, Brad and I decided to make the most of our stops and get out and explore on foot, with a little sweat mixed in :)

So as soon as our ship docked, we put on our running clothes and ran along the water, away from town:
Then, on the advice of several locals, we returned to town and up, up to the Rainbird Trail. Because it was super wet, I kept my camera in a plastic bag. We'll call it "soft filter" ;)
The trail ends at University of Alaska Southeast, at the far end of town.
After exiting the amazing, lush rain forest, we made our way back through town to the docks. The high school looked to have a fun tradition of seniors painting their names on the parking lot:
Since we got out of the tourist district, we ran into lots of locals... SUPER FRIENDLY locals! One lady with dogs twice pulled off the trail to let us pass (instead of letting them "greet us" with wet noses and muddy paws like most dog people do), and a construction worker yelled down, "Hope you're having a good run!" :)

We were drenched and happy and tired by the time we'd run 9 miles and returned to the dock:
We got cleaned up and returned to town for to check out the tourist district. While a lot of people were bummed about the drippy weather, us Oregonians just donned our Gore-Tex and went about our business :)

A highlight of dinner that night was cousin Ryan playing thumb wars with Eryn:
Next up: Juneau :)

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