Friday, September 16, 2016

Alaska cruisin 2016: Mendenhall Glacier

After an early-morning trip down Endicott Arm, our cruise ship made its way to Juneau. 

While the rest of the extended family boarded a tour bus, the McKee/Wood five climbed aboard the city bus for the $2 trip to the Mendenhall Glacier! The opportunity cost was a milk-run tour of Juneau. But while it took longer, we got to see the real town - and the real people of the town.

It dropped us off about a mile from the park, but the walk was no problem for this active family!

And there it is!
When we first arrived, we noticed lots of excitement, including law enforcement officers and park rangers walking with much purpose toward the water. We soon learned that some guys were stranded on an iceberg! They'd tied up their small sailboat and then climbed atop the ice. But somehow the mooring failed, and their boat floated away.
Everyone on shore watched the successful rescue.
Then we explored the beautiful setting!
Visitor center:
A large bald eagle was hanging out in the water (center of frame):
We'd dressed for cold, but it was HOT! Rolled up pants for everyone!
On the return trip to the bus, we discovered a trail that paralleled the road. Brad and I opted for the more scenic route:
Found a hidden waterfall:
After another trip on the milk-run, we ended back in downtown Juneau. I wanted to see the capitol building, but it was under construction and all wrapped up:
I'd have to settle for a totem pole:
Next up: Skagway :)

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