Sunday, September 25, 2016

Saddle Mountain (9/4/16)

The McKee family camped Labor Day weekend, and Eryn I had a chance to run our 16/18 miler on the Banks-Vernonia Trail. The next day, Brad, Dad and I headed west for a hike up Saddle Mountain.

It was beyond crowded, but it was also beautiful! What a spectacular trail! 
Dad and I joked about our luck lately with the cloudy vistas (Pinnacle Peak). Here's the summit:
But a local guy was hanging out, promising the clouds would soon lift.
Never fear, the Beer Police are here!
Happy Dad!
The clouds didn't break, but they did lift enough to show us the coastline, the Columbia River, Astoria, Warrenton and some other far-off sites!
This bit of nature filled my soul! :)

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