Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Holiday hike

Steve, Brad, Tasha, Liz

Nesmith Point was the goal for Memorial Day 2008. It was a gray, cloudy, foggy, drizzly day (though not cold) on the Gorge trail near Warrendale, Ore. The air was so full of water that it felt like it was condensing right on our skin. Plus, it's a steep trek, so it was definitely coming from the inside, too!

Evidently, the trail hasn't had any maintenance this season because there were slides and trees down throughout the journey. It was passable but a bit tricky in spots. The guide book says it's usually snow-free by April. As you can tell from the photo, that's not the case this year. This snow is at about 3,000 feet (out of 3,810). The trail markers ended, and we decided that following random footprints in the snow was not the best idea. Plus, it was so fogged in that we wouldn't have seen a thing from the top anyway (the fog in the photo is not on the lens... that's actually how it looked up there!) So we turned around there, feeling sufficiently worked out.

-Liz :)

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