Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Tualatin River Greenway (2/6/16)

We explored a brand-new trail in our community!

When developers turned Tualatin's old KMart property into the Nyberg Rivers shopping center, news articles said master plans included a greenway along the river. My cynical self figured they just said that to gain approval, and that part of the plan would be axed when budgets ran over.

Well, they proved me wrong!

Construction's been in full swing for many months, and the trail is now open! (The official grand opening isn't until April 9, but it was sure packed with people Saturday when we explored)

The Tualatin River Greenway starts right behind the Tualatin Public Library:
It runs behind the shopping center, under Interstate 5, along the river, behind the Nyberg Woods Shopping Center (owned by the same property group) and dead ends at the defunct mobile home park:
When the mobile home park is soon turned into apartments, the greenway will continue the short distance to Brown's Ferry Park and connect with all those trails.

We ran from our house and through Cook Park, and it was exactly 3.5 miles to the fence above - perfect for a mid-distance run. And it was mostly off road on trails!

On the return trip, we stopped to read all the placards and learn all kinds of great history of the area. I love history and geology! Fascinating stuff :)

The east side of the freeway has these great, wide boardwalks to keep us on trail and up off the wetlands:
And the whole thing is right along the river:
I think the planners did a great job on this trail - very impressive! I can't wait to incorporate it into more workouts :)

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