Friday, August 12, 2016

No. 30, 31

My summer break is quickly drawing to a close, as so is my summer reading.

No. 30 was from the THS library: Celestine Sibley's Straight as an Arrow:
I realized I read another by this author, but the setting was different, so it was a much different novel. Still, it's a standard amateur-sleuth story with a female protagonist. I read a lot of those :) The mystery kept me guessing, so that's a win in my book.

No. 31 was Vince Flynn's Kill Shot:
I think I got this one off the "free" table in the main office at work. Co-workers put stuff there with the hope that others will take it away. I've read all of Flynn's work, and while I don't agree with the moral of these books, the action is great and I like the way they are written. 

The main character is a CIA assassin out to kill the world's terrorists. He's a good guy who only kills the bad guys. Still, I don't agree with the politics and the torture and such. BUT - they are good reads that keep me turning the pages. 


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