Friday, November 4, 2016

Discovery Run - Dad FINALLY won something!

Dad finally won something at the monthly Discovery run... but not really.

He spun the wheel before the run at the ORRC vendor table and took home a nifty pair of running socks!! He was so happy :)
The stops were close for the October event, and we had to run around the parking lot at the end just to hit the 4-mile mark. But we managed to score a bunch of tickets:
Dad has taken to joining the walking group because they get a whole bunch of extra tickets just for being in the group:
Still, his tickets were not drawn. The streak continues - three years in a row, I think. GO DAD!

Brad and I also walked away without prizes this month. Last month, too. Maybe our luck is running out. So sad. Still, a fun evening running around Tualatin :)
OH - they made us go through a haunted house to get some of our tickets. It's an annual event in Tualatin Park. I HATE haunted houses. HATE. But I figured I could handle it for prizes - it's just put on by high schoolers, you know. OMG! It was so scary. I sweated more in there than during the run. 

Then after, they told us the Discovery Run photographer had been inside taking pictures. Great. Sure enough, he got me at one of the most scary parts. But while I look super happy and excited in this photo, I was actually trying to not poop myself:

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