Tuesday, February 28, 2017

No sweating tonight! Concert takes over gym

I know this really cool family. For years now, the Martins/Johnsons have pushed me to be healthy and strong. And they are just about the nicest people out there!

I know them through Fierce Fitness, their kickboxing gym in Multnomah Village. (Best workouts ever!) But there's a musical component to their family, too, and I was introduced to it this winter.

My friend, Brittany, hosted a fund raiser in December for her dad's music studio. She turned the gym into a concert venue to help her dad realize his dream of finishing his studio. (pardon the dark, blurry pics)
It was weird seeing kickboxing buddies in regular clothes :)

We munched on pizza and sipped sodas while treated to a live concert:
And then dad Norvin himself took over and showed us his musical talent!
It was a great night of music :)
Besides a small cover charge, there was a raffle for a variety of sweet prizes. I put in a ton of tickets but didn't win a thing. BUT... Mom won this cool art. She's especially excited for the guitar picture!
According to Facebook postsdB nation is just about finished and ready for business. If you are interested in helping this local business get off the ground, visit Brittany's Go Fund Me page.

I'm so proud of Brittany for taking on this cause so close to her heart and putting on a successful event! It was a fun night, and we're happy to help out this awesome family :)

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