Tuesday, April 25, 2017

18 snowy miles

During our record-breaking winter, I was training for marathon No. 5. Icy conditions forced me to do a 14 miler and a 16 miler on the treadmill. But for my 18 miler, I took advantage of a no-school day and ventured outside!

The snow was still fairly fresh, so that meant good traction. I only fell once - on a sidewalk that had been shoveled and cleared for safety. Ha!

I had to carefully watch my foot placement. Some places were easier to pass than others, but that added to the challenge :)

Beef Bend was especially tricky because the road had been cleared and I had to run in the deep, crunchy plow pile. My ankles were tired by the end of that section!

Beef Bend and 131st:
Purple pants :)
I didn't fly down 131st as fast as normal: 
Highway 99 bridge over the Tualatin River: 

Sledders were using this hill at Hazelbrook Middle School: 

The other really tricky part was Leveton Drive in Tualatin. It's an industrial/office area that hadn't been used since the snow fell. So the sidewalks were extra treacherous. When no cars were coming, I ran in the road. It was easier than high stepping through the sidewalk muck.

Back home, icicles covered the bushes by the front porch: 

18 miles DONE in the snow and ice!

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