Thursday, October 19, 2017

Harvest Century (9/24/17)

Earlier this summer, Dad asked me to join him at the annual Harvest Century. He was paying, and I love to ride my bike, so it was a "yes!"

We rode the 45-mile course in 2014 (was that really 3 years ago??) and had a great time. Because Dad's been out of the saddle for a bit, he opted for the 25 miler this time.

Ready to ride:
The 25-mile course had one rest stop about halfway through, filled with all kinds of yummy treats! We refueled (ha!) and hit the road for the return. 

It was an absolutely gorgeous day on the country roads outside Hillsboro. The course was almost totally flat, nice for an easy morning ride.
Mom surprised us at the finish line:
 Dad's pretty, new bike:
The after party included a lunch buffet and live music by The Jamblers, my friend Gene's band:
This is such a great event, and I'd love to do it again -- hopefully the 75 or full century some day :)

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