Sunday, March 11, 2018

Lots of eating, hiking, and playing photos

In this age of digital photos, I have so, so, so many! And I'm going to keep sharing - hope you don't mind :)

Relaxing for games or movies: 
Tilikum 10K in the "naked" shirt: 
Birthday at Benihana: 
Post-workout selfie: 
Angel's Rest: 

Drift Creek Falls: 
Mariners rally caps: 
Dog Mountain spring flowers: 
Cheerleaders for my first half marathon! 
Washington County Fair: 
Disneyland half marathon fueling: 
More fueling: 
Powdered sugar at Disneyland! 
Mom's Disneyland 5K: 
Go Mom! 
Cheering for our Disneyland Half: 
Brothers at Village Inn: 
Cousin Mike's 40th birthday. All the McKee/Gault men: 
Christmas shopping at Al's Garden Center: 
Birthday Grilled Cheese Grill: 
Funny selfies: 
Christmas tree cookies - Mom and Dad's versus Eryn's tiny hall tree: (Notice my Dad's hands. I can't get them out of my mind) 
Christmas photo: 
New Year's Eve run: 

And then some May I cards: 
49ers lost the Super Bowl: 

Rose Garden: 
Eating! Qdoba: 
Disney dining: 
Angel's Rest: 

Cheese enchiladas with double rice - no beans: 

Birthday at Kari's: 
Thanksgiving race: 

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