Monday, June 30, 2008

Weekly Wednesday #1

With my mom, sis and I all now working at Tigard High with several weeks off in the summer, we decided to continue our Weekly Wednesday adventures. Eryn's condo finally sold (in process, at least), so this week we helped spend a bunch of her soon-to-be money for those projects on her new house that were on hold until the second mortgage was satisfied.

Our day took us to several home stores, including IKEA! We bought a front door, closet doors, trim, a bathroom vanity and mirror, hardware and lots of other odds and ends.

Lunch was a brief stop at our favorite Tigard eatery.
I've said it before... spending other people's money is very fun! I wonder what we'll do this week???



  1. Speaking of spending other people's money, how is your neighbor's yard looking? It's about time for a report on that project.
    Marcile Crandall

  2. Marcile... I know, I know. You're not the first person to bug me about not posting those "after" photos of David's yard. Unfortunately, he's not my neighbor - he lives in Hillsboro (I'm in Tigard). I haven't been over there recently to take any pics, and with gas prices climbing, I don't want to make a special trip....

    Soon, I promise :)