Sunday, August 10, 2008

Bikes rule, cars drool!

It's that special day again: Bridge Pedal!!! Thousands of bicycles took over the streets and bridges of Portland this morning for the awesome annual event. Brad, Eryn, Dad and I did the 24-mile, 8 bridge route. The weather was perfect as we toured from the Ross Island to the St. Johns spans.

Eryn atop the Marquam:
Liz and Brad (this photo looks very similar to last year's pose!):
Dad on the top deck of the Fremont:
Gotta do the self portrait:
The route improvements really helped with congestion and allowed us to actually ride most of the time this year. But we felt that the atmosphere wasn't as festive as usual. The biggest thing I missed was the live music at the rest areas and interstate bridges.

We did see the aftermath of one major crash on the steep Marquam off ramp. The rider looked really messed up, and I pray that the road rash on his face was the worst of his injuries. Thankfully, there were medics and an ambulance at the ready to help him.


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