Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Grand finale

Sadly, this year's Weekly Wednesdays have come to an end. For our final outing, we headed to the beach for some back-to-school shopping fun.

Our Monday started with a light lunch at Alf's Ice Cream & Burgers in McMinnville. Brad thinks it's disgusting (which is exactly why we decided to go without him!), but I say you haven't lived until you've eaten with monkeys wearing pants! We each had a grilled cheese on white and shared a small chocolate shake... YUM!
We had a very successful day at the Lincoln City outlet mall, loading up mom with a couple pair of jeans and a whole bunch of cute tops. Eryn wasn't so lucky in the pants department (it's hard to be tiny and short) but also brought home a bunch of tops. I was there more for moral support but did manage a pair of half-off jeans, $8 Gap chinos and a half-off cardigan!

Then we met Uncle Don and Aunt Cindy (Arizonans who now summer on the Oregon Coast) for dinner at Mo's. It's so fun to have them near!
It's back to work next week for the McKee women...
-Liz :)

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