Wednesday, September 17, 2008

CEC rests with angels

Today, I got paid to take a group of awesome kids on a hike in the Gorge! In my new job, I work with about 40 seniors in an alternative education program at Tigard High. Ten of them are earning credit on our Cascade Education Corps crew. They planned a team-building/leave-no-trace learning trip to Angel's Rest and invited me along. YAY!

I was thrilled to be included and get the chance to play and learn with my CEC friends! We had a great time getting to the top, eating lunch in the sun, learning about pooping in a bag, posing for pictures, pumping water from the stream and riding home in the little green bus. I'm so proud of their hard work and determination.

Standing: Liz, Blake, Giovanni, James, Mike, Erika, Crew Leader Sam
Sitting: Megan, Kryistal, Shayla, David

Have I mentioned that my job rocks?!
-Liz :)

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