Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Papa Fantz would be so proud

I come from a long line of working-class, union people: teachers, police, longshoremen, carpenters, social workers, hospital workers.

In fact, my great grandfather, James Fantz, was briefly the president of the ILWU - like the president. Not just the local chapter president. (At least that's my understanding of family lore) :)
I've been in two unions: NABET Local 51 and OSEA Chapter 51. (hmmm... both 51s - interesting!) I'm happy to say I was involved in the forming of the broadcasters' union at KOIN - what a victory for employees!

Now I'm active in OSEA, Oregon School Employees Association, representing about 400 classified employees of the Tigard-Tualatin School District. (We're the school workers who aren't certified teachers)
And at last night's meeting, my sister and I were elected as co-vice presidents for next year!!

I'm proud to be in the union, and I consider it an honor to represent my fellow classified workers on the executive board! And I know Papa Fantz would be proud :)

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