Wednesday, April 30, 2014

I Run for Desmond

"The answer to the big questions in running is the same as the answer to the big questions in life: Do the best with what you've got." - George Sheehan

That was my mantra as I headed out Saturday morning for my first outdoor run since the Shamrock 15K on March 16.

Dr. Judy told me to run 3 miles this weekend, so of course I found a little race! I'm addicted :) The I Run for Desmond Autism Awareness 5K Fun Run/Walk looked like the perfect event for me. Casual, near home, right on the bike path. And it raised money for the CFT Elementary School special education department. OH - and there were cupcakes at the end :)
Brad and I rode bikes to the start for a little warmup. Then the run started with two laps around a big, muddy field. Normally that would be great fun, but the extremely uneven ground was not a good thing for my poor inflamed Achilles.

But I decided to keep running to see what happened. Man, am I out of running shape. I ran faster than I had planned, but I was sucking wind hardcore! And my form felt really sloppy and awkward. I'm hoping that comes back quickly.

I finished with a little kick and then thought I might die ;)
My tendon was definitely mad at me, but the pain didn't linger into Sunday. I take that as a good sign. I also think most of the irritation was from the mud bog rather than from the actual run.

These were bright white when I started:
Exactly 3.1 miles at a 9:41 average. That was actually really fast considering the 3 laps around the field (we also finished with a lap). That mud was easily 8 inches deep in spots.
Mom also loves a good race and signed up at the last minute. I LOVE that she's been adding some running to her walks. And she always runs the finish! Go Mom, go!
I had a wee bit of a freakout after the race. I was so hoping that my foot would do well and I could start ramping up my mileage and hopefully still run some of the races I have planned for May and June. At the time, it seemed impossible.

But I've since run small bits on the treadmill (nice and smooth - no uneven terrain) and have been pain-free. With Judy's blessing, I'm going to push my threshold and see how high I can get my mileage over the coming weeks.

I'm signed up for the Hippie Chick Half next weekend. No way can I do 13.1, but I plan to drop back to the quarter marathon and walk/run it the best I can. That will be a good indicator of whether I should cut back or keep pushing.

Wish me luck! If you're the praying type, I would appreciate your prayers for my healing and also for my sanity ;)

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