Sunday, May 31, 2015

Adventure Thursday: Discovery Run

This week's Adventure Thursday was an easy choice: Discovery Run!

It was Hawaiian themed, so we dug out our finest:
Brad ran in the morning, and I ran in the afternoon, so this was just a fun bonus run. Plus, it was about 85 degrees - way too hot to run hard!

The locations were really grouped together this week, and we hit all but the two that were outside of the groupings.
We managed a fair amount of tickets, especially since we haven't yet purchased the new orange shirts (which get you double tickets). Eryn's, mine and Brad's collection:
The crowd was big - probably because of the good weather:
I was the only winner from our group... and my prize is an entry to the Running Wild 5K, "ODW Fun Run/Walk & Outdoor Skills Challenge"

OMG! It's says "you can test your skills at trap shooting, casting, archery and animal track identification"!!!
Of all the people there, I can't believe I was the winner of this beauty! My trap shooting skills probably need some honing before this one ;)

Unfortunately, it's June 20 - the day before my next half marathon and Brad's goal marathon. I hope someone else can use it. Anyone? Anyone??

Until next month's Discovery Run... :)

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