Saturday, May 30, 2015


Inspired by Emily, I tried on my wedding dress last summer... still fits. So when prom rolled around a couple weeks ago - on my 17th wedding anniversary - I thought it would be fun to see if my prom dress still fits.

I finally got around to it today - 21 years after my senior prom. It helps that it's an empire waist, so my bigger-than-when-I-was-17 thighs still fit :)

I also discovered it's really challenging to take a picture of yourself indoors in a black dress :)
Kinda fun!

Also from today... 11 miles early, early before the heat!
While I did that, Brad ran 18 miles on the Springwater Corridor, from Gresham to Boring and back. That's his peak mileage before next month's Vancouver USA Marathon!!!! :)

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