Tuesday, March 8, 2016

BCEP: Dog Mountain (3/5/16)

This weekend was full of fun, including a Gorge hike. Brad's again helping his climbing buddy with his Mazamas BCEP class (basic climb school). James is nice enough to let me tag along on some of the hikes - a great excuse to get out and do one of my favorite things!

This week was the optional pre-hike to Dog Mountain on the Washington side of the river. Eleven of us - students, assistants, fake assistant and leader James - met up at Gateway Transit Center and then carpooled to the trailhead. We were booted up and on the trail shortly after 9 a.m.

The forecast called for tons of rain and wind. Thankfully, the system was late and we stayed warm and dry! The sun came out, giving a wonderful view up and down the Gorge.

We took a fairly quick pace up the steeper side of the mountain, and since the weather was so nice, we had a nice, long rest at the top:
That view was worth the burning calves on the way up!
Happy hikers:
Summit picture with the whole team: Ryan, Brad, James, Jess, Nathan, Jim, Liz, Srinidhi, Suzi, Anona and Finn:
I really enjoyed getting to know all the new students - and having a great excuse to get outside!

I almost stayed home, scared of the forecast. Instead, I showed up and had a great day!

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