Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Mother-daughter kickboxing

Look who came to kickboxing with me today!!!!
(Notice she's not really touching me? It was an extra-sweaty one today!)

I've wanted my mom to join me ever since I started on this kickboxing journey, but she has some significant limitations in her shoulders and neck because of a childhood injury and some deterioration.

I asked - seriously but also jokingly - if she wanted to join me during winter break for a midday women-only class. Then she fell and gave herself a Christmas concussion. No kickboxing with a concussion. I actually asked her if she did it on purpose so I wouldn't bug her about going with me. (I would never bug!!) ;)

When she told me she's recovered enough for some running, I asked if she wanted to join me for a noon class during spring break - seriously but also jokingly. And... she said yes!

She did well! She modified anything that was too much for her shoulders and took breaks when needed. It's a really intense hour, and she hung in there just fine, especially for a beginner.

Hopefully tomorrow's soreness will be the good kind and not the kind to indicate injury. And if it is the good kind, she might even come back some time :) :) :)

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