Sunday, June 11, 2017

Hippie Chick, Eryn's birthday and a beach trip (5/13/17)

Eryn had a grand plan: The 2017 Hippie Chick race was on her birthday. The family was going to camp at Stub Stewart State Park, and then us ladies were going to run the race at nearby Hillsboro Stadium.

WELL... Eryn had back surgery in March and is prohibited from running until mid-August. Then the forecast called for crappy weather. So we scrapped the camping plan and decided to head to the family beach house after Mom and I ran the race in the morning.

The crappy weather forecast materialized. Notice the rain on the sunroof:
So we hid in the car until it was time for my race. Then they all stayed in the car while I stood in the rain, waiting for the half to start.
I have no other race pics because it was so wet!

I haven't run much since my February marathon. Instead, I've been biking, hiking, spinning, kickboxing, stair climbing, and walking. So I was woefully unprepared for the half marathon. I ran a strong 8 miles, then I ran a really weak 5 miles. But since I didn't have expectations of greatness, it was no biggie.

After the race, Mom and I were soaked. So we skipped the free pancakes and instead jumped in the car and headed toward the beach.

First stop was lunch, then ice cream in Tillamook!
For KGW's Rod Hill:
We got settled at Ma and Pa's house in Oceanside and then all took a walk up Maxwell Mountain. There were tons of paragliders in the sky. The weather was much, much nicer at the coast, so we hung out at the top and watched for a while :)

Brad spent his morning mountain biking and then met up with us at the coast.
Happy birthday, little sis :)

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