Friday, June 16, 2017

Old Maid Flats with the New Yorkers (12/26/16)

Per tradition (2014, 2015), we took our New York relatives on a day-after-Christmas Oregon adventure! There was adequate snowfall this year, so we took Jill and Maroof on a short cross-country ski trip on Mount Hood.

The week before, Brad and I took advantage of the low snow levels and did a scouting trip to Old Maid Flats. We decided the trail would be perfect for beginners :)

So on Dec. 26, we drove to Sandy for rentals and then hit the trail.

The out-and-back trail is slightly uphill on the way out. We did pretty good at keeping everyone on their feet. Then we arrived at the "meadow" - it's really a parking lot - and took a rest.
We could barely make out Mount Hood across the way:

Then we found a little hill to ski fall down. 

Maroof (in red):
He's up!
Then Jill (in blue):
Maroof had to get video:

We laughed a lot!!

Then Brad had to show off his tele skills:
The slight downhill on the way out posed a bit of a problem for the newbies. But we eventually made it back to the trail head - so pretty!

Everyone was still smiling :)

I'm not sure they'll want to cross-country ski again... maybe we'll try snowshoeing next year instead :)

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