Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Muffin Wednesday: Coffee Cake

Muffin Wednesday is back!!!!

Baking muffins with my students was a pretty big deal in the past. But with duties added to my plate, it sorta fell by the wayside in recent years. But this year, we're making it a priority again!

Today, Beto and I whipped up some coffee cake muffins from a Scratch and Grain mix. The local business, featured on Shark Tank, is one of our internships, and they sometimes send over kits. Yes, please! This was the Organic Coffee Cake and Muffin Kit - just add milk, egg and butter.

Beto learned each step, from measuring butter to greasing the pan to stirring the batter and crumb topping. Then we shared with our friends: 
Yummo! A tasty treat for a fall-like morning in CE2 :)

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